It’s What’s for Dinner

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“Gaah dammit!” Jake swore as he fruitlessly searched the refrigerator. “How am I supposed to make Chinese cucumber soup without cucumbers! Who keeps taking my jumbo cucumbers?” He turned and glared at Helen, Daria, and Quinn. All three were blushing.

Daria and her family sat around the kitchen table. Jake had just finished dishing out the soup. Daria took a taste. It was a cold cucumber soup.

“Great soup, Dad”

“Daddy? I thought you ran out of cucumbers?” Quinn asked as she began to wolf it down.

Jake chuckled. “The funny thing was I found all my cucumbers in upstairs in the bedrooms. I have no idea how they got there.”

Quinn, Daria, and Helen stopped with spoons half way to their months, looked at one another and began to spit it out.

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