For Roger 2


Another short work for Roger.

For Roger 2
Dr. Mike

We begin with a small cave with rough walls. The light flickers with
a red tinge. Against one wall directly in front of us sits a beat up,
red couch. Against the wall above the couch is a sign that reads:
“Welcome to Hell! Now sit down, shut up, and no whistling!” Sitting on
the couch is Opus from Bloom County. He sits there swinging his legs
(which don’t reach the floor) and whistling. His whistling gets a bit
louder until the meanest devil like creature pokes his ugly face into
the shot and glares at him. Opus stops his whistling for a moment
waiting until the jailer leaves and starts again, a bit lighter this
time. He continues for a moment until the very unlucky Roger E. Moore
steps into the shot. He looks dazed and confused as he takes in the
scene. He finally notices the couch that he crosses to and sits at the
other end. Opus and Roger nod to each other in acknowledgment but look
off away from each other. They sit there for a few minutes whistling,
looking around the room, checking their nails, swinging their legs,
etc. Opus finally turns to Roger and looks at him for a few moments.

Opus: Penguin lust?

Roger nods heavily, they look off again and then continue wasting their time on the couch.

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