In The Trunk


Daria discovers something during another Bad Movie Night.

A *very* adult work

In the Trunk
Dr. Mike

Daria walked down the sidewalk after school one Friday afternoon alone
in her thoughts. In had been two months since walking in on Jane in her
room. The sight of seeing her best friend spread out tied to the bed
and knowing that she had put herself in that position bugged her. Oh,
she could accept it but it popped into her head every time she saw a
dreamy look on Jane’s face in class or when Daria went over to her
house and she was greeted by a freshly showered, smiling Jane. She knew
what was going on in Jane’s private life she thought sadly which made
thinking about her own empty private life rather pitiful. Daria had
herself spent time with only one boy so far since coming to Lawndale
High. His parents had raised him rather conservatively. He didn’t know
what chewing gum was, their furniture was made out of wood and they
planted corn in their front yard. She had had to end that relationship,
if you could call it that, when his parents had stormed over to her
house and thrown the Beatles bootleg she had made for him in her
parents faces. She occasionally thought about their time together even
though it was short. Then there was Trent, Jane’s slacker, do nothing,
musician brother who slept most of the day. He called it practicing she
remembered with a smirk. She really didn’t think much of him but for
some reason her thoughts kept going back to him as well.

She stopped and looked around. She was on a street corner only a block
away from Jane’s house. It was time for another Bad Movie Night. She
checked her watch, as she didn’t want to walk in again on Jane while
she was “relaxing.” She didn’t feel that that was the proper term for
it but she hadn’t thought of anything else to call it yet. She got
curious one study period while she was in the library and tried to find
some information on the web about Jane’s hobby. She had to give up her
searching because soon after she had started, the school librarian had
come racing out of his office and poked his head in front of each
terminal. Maybe the school’s principle, Miss. Li, really did have all
the terminals wired like Jane suggested. Mr. Galloway normally stayed
in his office building model boats and spaceships out of kits. The
school rumor was he had wanted to be an Admiral when he was growing up.
They also talked about a time when a small, lowly freshman had asked
Mr. Galloway about the model boats and how he flew off the handle
telling her that they were yachts. It was only a few minutes before
seven Daria noticed on her watch. Surely Jane was finished by now as
she stepped over the curb on her way to Jane’s. Jane had kept her
promise though and let her know before hand when she had planned
something as she had done this afternoon before school had let out. The
idea of Daria walking in again on Jane probably made both of them
uncomfortable. Daria was more then willing to be Jane’s safety though
in case something went wrong. She could do that at least.

A freshly showered Jane rushed around her bedroom picking up her toys
and putting them away. She could not believe she had set the timers
incorrectly like that. She had planned on an hour-long session but had
set the timers for nearly two hours. “Shit,” she thought as she dropped
the length of chain back into the old bowling ball bag she kept it in.
“I hate math.” After the fifth or sixth climax, she knew something was
up but couldn’t get the blindfold off of her eyes far enough to check
the timer. She had put herself in a simple hogtie on her bed, the four
chains connected together by a single padlock in the middle. She had
wanted to do it on the floor as it was harder but most of it was filled
with a wooden trunk she had borrowed from Max, the drummer from Trent’s
band. They normally used it for a back seat in the van but she had
convinced them she had to borrow it for a school project. She had had
to promise them that they wouldn’t get it back covered with daisies or
paint it purple or something else like that. She had plans for it that
she thought about evilly as she replaced all her toys back in the
bottom drawer of her dresser. She seemed to be missing a pair of cuffs
but knew she didn’t have enough time to really hunt for them. The
doorbell rang as she dropped her towel and slipped on a tee shirt.
“Damn,” she thought. “Of all the days for Daria to be on time” as she
jumped down the stairs to greet her friend. At least she hoped it was
Daria. She didn’t want to meet any bible thumpers where only a thin tee
shirt. Now that would make an interesting story to tell.

Daria tapped her boot against the front step as she checked her watch
again. It was after seven so Jane had to be finished she thought as she
pressed the bell again. She did not want to walk in on another scene
like she did last time. Luckily a shape moved behind the door.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” yelled Jane as she threw open the door.

Daria couldn’t resist. “I bet you are,” she smirked which surprised
Jane who smirked back. Her eyes passed over Jane’s still wet body
covered in what appeared to be only a tee shirt and nothing underneath.
Jane’s still hard nipples were visible through the fabric of the shirt.
Her eyes continued down until she froze. “Um, Jane, do you think you
could pull down your shirt a bit more? I would hate to have the
neighbors complain…”

Jane looked down at herself. In her haste, she had not pull the shirt
down all the way and it had bunched up around her waist. Her pubic
area, with her near lack of pubic hair was visible to anyone who wanted
a free show. “Oops. Sorry about that,” she apologized as she pulled the
fabric the rest of the way down.

“Did I interrupt anything? I could come back,” Daria offered as she
turned her body ready to make a break. The idea of her best friend as a
sexual object was still not sitting well in her mind.

Jane reached out and yanked the unresisting Daria into the house. “No,
I’m finished. Get your sorry ass in here right now,” she said with a

“My sorry ass? I’m the one on time. You’re the sorry ass. You’re suppose to be done by now,” defended Daria.

Jane lowered her head and looked out at Daria through her still damp
hair. “I’m sorry, Mistress,” she said in a small, pitiful voice. “I’ll
try not to be a sorry ass next time. Maybe you should punish my sorry
ass, Mistress Daria.” That would get her back.

Daria’s face froze again. “That’s not funny, Lane.”

Jane came back with a smirk. “Oh, Daria. Lighten up. I’m just teasing,”
she said while finally closing the front door. “You find something on
the television while I finish getting dressed.” With a nod from Daria,
Jane bounced up the stairs making sure she gave Daria a good view of
her rear end, accidentally of course she thought with a smirk.

Daria shook her head as she looked around for the remote. She had
gotten a quick glance at Jane’s rear end as she went up. She had seen
it many times while showering after gym class. For some reason though,
it was different now. In the locker room, it wasn’t anything to think
about but now, it had sexual undertones. That strange feeling had
started once again between her legs and she quickly tried once again to
put a damper on it. It seemed to her that that feeling was appearing
more and more lately since she had walked in on Jane that day. That
first night, she had been nearly overcome with the urge to take care of
herself while she lay on Jane’s floor in her sleeping bag. She doubted
that Jane would have minded. Hell, she probably would have gotten down
on the floor beside her and given her any encouragement that she needed
but something had stopped her.

Daria removed her jacket and boots, found the remote, plopped down on
the worn couch and started to flip through channels. She found an old
Tarzan movie on one of the national cable channels and stopped there.
This should provide their evening entertainment, she thought. After a
bit, the movie had reached a scene where Jane had been tied to a tree
with rope while the evil tribesmen danced around. Daria’s eyes focused
on that image of the struggling actress on the screen. She smirked at
first as she questioned how such a strong willed woman like the actress
had gotten herself in such a position and how loosely the ties around
her shapely body were. But as the scene progressed, a hand slowly
reached down on its own in between her…

“Find a movie yet?” Jane asked as she bent over balanced on the back of
the couch. Daria turned and looked at her. She had found some shorts to
put on at least this time but still lacked anything under the shirt. A
still, hard nipple was visible through the neck opening of the shirt.
Daria focused on it for a few moments until she forced herself to look
at the inquisitive look on Jane’s face.

“Um, yeah. I thought we could enjoy an old, bad Tarzan movie this evening.”

Jane nodded her head in the direction of where Daria’s hand had been
going. “Looks like you were getting a head start on enjoying yourself,
amigo.” Both turned to look at where Daria’s hand sat, just inside the
beltline of her black skirt. Daria turned red as she quickly yanked her
hand away and purposely placed both of them at her sides.

“Daria, are you really that uncomfortable with the idea?”

Daria’s blush deepened. “Um, no. Not really.” Her face was a mask. “I’m fine.”

Jane smiled, came around the arm of the couch and sat down next to
Daria. She picked up the remote, flipped through the channels and found
a different movie to watch. At least Back to the Future didn’t have
anything in it to upset her friend she hoped. She pulled off a blanket
from the back of the couch and covered both of their laps with it.
Daria did seem to strain a bit when Jane reached over with the blanket
to cover her lap but forced herself to relax afterwards.

They made it almost through the entire movie. Daria’s rear was falling
asleep, much like it did during school hours. She shifted herself on
the couch but stopped when she felt something under the cushion. It
felt kind of hard. With a quick glance at Jane who was absorbed with
the movie, Daria reached a hand down under the blanket and in between
the cushions. She slowly pulled a pair of handcuffs out onto her lap
under the blanket. She was rather shocked about her discovery and just
sat there staring at them.

“Something wrong, amigo?” asked Jane. She had seen her friend shift on
the couch and slowly move around. She didn’t think anything about it
but now she was trying to burn a hole through the blanket with her
eyes. The thought of the missing cuffs went through her mind quickly
but she knew she had carried everything upstairs from where she had
started this afternoon.

Daria jumped. “No, nothing,” Daria tried to reassure her friend with a
small smirk. She forced her attention back to the movie for a few
minutes while her thoughts raced in her head. That feeling was back in
between her thighs again stronger then ever. She didn’t know what she
was going to do. Her eyes kept drifting away from the movie and
returning to the cuffs hidden on her lap underneath the blanket. She
didn’t know what to say to Jane about them and, to be honest, didn’t
really feel comfortable with the idea of pointing them out to her. Her
eyes dropped down to them one last time when the strangest thought went
through her head. She slowly reached out with one hand and closed one
of the cuffs around her wrist. A small bit of electricity ran through
her body as she closed the other cuff around her other wrist. She made
sure that her hands were still under the cover while taking a peek out
of the corner of her eye at Jane. She was still engrossed watching the
humor of the two main characters in the movie. She sat back and gave
something thought as to how they felt on her wrists. They were pretty
loose so she tightened them just a bit. The sound of the cuffs latching
seemed like a gunshot to her but Jane appeared not to notice. There was
only about an inch of chain between so she couldn’t separate her wrists
that much. She ran one hand down her leg under the cover that made her
hand get dragged behind the other. That felt pretty good as the tingle
was still there inside of her and building slightly. She sat back to
watch the rest of the movie and to see how things felt after a bit.

The movie concluded with Michael J. Fox’s character saving the day of
course. Jane slid out from underneath the blanket and stretched. She
turned to Daria who sat there with a look of near terror on her face.
“Um, Daria. Something wrong?” Her best friend looked up at her but
didn’t say a word. Jane was concerned. “Michael J. Fox isn’t that great
of a catch if that’s what’s bothering you.”

Daria was mentally kicking herself. She had put on the handcuffs with
thinking about a key. She had planned on removing them right before the
end of the movie but hadn’t thought about actually unlocking the cuffs
after she was through. She looked up at Jane who looked rather
concerned about her. She saw no other way out of it without running out
of the house and even then she still would be cuffed.

“Um, Jane. I have a bit of a problem.”

“Please tell me you haven’t piddled on the couch. We’ll never get the
smell out. We had to move the old couch downstairs after Trent’s band
came home that night after drinking and…”

“No, it’s not that. I, um, found something during the movie in between
the cushions and decided to try it out.” She slid her cuffed hands out
from underneath the blanket and placed them on her lap. She stared at
them not even trying to look Jane in the eye right now.

“Daria!” Jane couldn’t believe it. Daria had actually cuffed herself by
herself while sitting right beside her. She would have never believed
that Daria was capable of doing something like that. Jane secretly
wished for the day that Daria would allow a pair of cuffs to be placed
on her wrists or something simple like that but this was beyond what
she had dreamed. She still didn’t look too happy about the position she
was in though. Jane placed a hand on her shoulder. “Daria, I’m going to
go upstairs and get the key. Will you be OK for a moment?”

Daria swallowed before responding. “Please hurry.”

Jane tore upstairs, into her room and opened the drawer with her toys.
The key was sitting in the little dish in the front corner where she
kept all of them in one place. She turned to rush back down and paused.
Maybe this is just what Daria needed to loosen up a bit she thought.
With a smirk, she slid the key into a pocket on her shorts and started
moving junk around her room and just making as much noise as she could.

Daria wished she could look through the ceiling. She heard Jane making
noise upstairs. She heard Jane making a lot of noise upstairs. She
thought she would have been right back down with the key. At least that
that’s what she hoped Jane would have done. Daria leaned back on the
couch and raised a hand to her head. She had forgotten that her hands
were cuffed and dragged the second one along with the first. She
smirked slightly at her cuffed hands. Jane slowly came down the stairs.

“Um, Daria. We have a small problem.”


“I can’t find the key for the cuffs. They’re an older set and I must have done something with it.”

“Great. What do we do now?” questioned Daria. “I can’t go home like this. Quinn and her friends would have a field day.”

“Well, you’re going to spend the night here anyway. We’ll just take you to a locksmith in the morning.”

“Walk around town with these on my arms? I bet we’ll make front page of the paper with a picture of that.”

“”Trent comes home in the morning. I’m sure he has a friend who can pop a handcuff lock easily. We’ll get him to help.”

Daria didn’t think much of that idea but really didn’t see any other way out of it. She sighed.

“So what other plans do we have for the evening, Jane?”

Jane smirked. At least Daria had accepted what had happened to her.
“Oh, I was thinking a night out on the town of dinner, dancing, and
other goodies.”

“And I’ll be just smashing with my bracelets of metal. The dukes and duchesses will just love me,” smirked Daria.


“A little but I’m not letting any pizza boy see me with these on.”
Daria knew Jane would try to get her in a position like that. Jane had
a bit of a fun loving mean streak in her.

Jane took the leap and made the suggestion. “Would you like to try something a bit more involved since you’re already started?”

Daria sat there and thought about Jane’s question. While the idea of
wax on her bare skin did not excite her that much, she had to admit she
was curious about what Jane did. Plus that feeling between her legs was
still there and wouldn’t go away now.

“Jane, I’m not ready for what you were doing that day.”

“Of course not. Even I don’t do something like that everyday. How about a simple restraint with some rope?”

“Um, does this mean we’re going to…”

“Not unless we both agree to it.” Jane smirked. “And you know how much I like guys.”

“Jane, the whole world knows how much you like guys,” she smirked.

Jane stood and took hold of the chain between the cuffs. “Come on.
Let’s go upstairs.” Jane started to lead Daria off but met with some
resistance. “What’s wrong?”


“Everything’s upstairs in my room. Plus we’ll be more comfortable on
the bed.” She paused and then added with a smirk. “Also who knows when
my brother and his band will be home this weekend.”

Daria practically dragged Jane up the stairs and into Jane’s room. Jane
knew that playing with Daria’s crush on Trent, her brother, that she
could get Daria to move. Daria opened the door to the room, dragged
Jane into it and closed it, locking it behind her. She sat down on the
bed while Jane stood in front of her.

“You just want something easy this first time, right?” asked Jane as she stood there thinking.

“Pretty easy. I’ve never done anything like this before.”

Jane’s eyes flew around the room thinking of what she would do to her
friend. She didn’t want to do just a boring old hogtie. She wanted to
put Daria in such a position that she would remember it for a long time
without putting a lot of strain on her. Her eyes continued to float
around the room until they fell on the trunk and a plan came to mind.

“Ok, I’ve got an idea but before we begin, I need to get you prepared.”
Jane opened her bottom drawer and ran through it looking for something.
“Before we start, I want you to slide this inside of you.” She handed
the dildo to Daria who made a face and held it like a dead cat.

“Jane, that’s huge. It’ll never fit.” Daria tried to pass it back to her.

“Daria, it’s only five inches long and a couple of inches wide. Trust me, most of our male classmates are about this size.”

“I’ve never had most of our classmates though.” She paused. “Thank God.”

Jane smirked, turned and pulled something larger out of the drawer.
“Daria, I’ve had this thing inside of me all the way without any issue.
We’re basically the same body size and type. If I can do it, I’m sure
you can do it.”

“Well, I’ll try it I guess. Um, what should I wear?”

“Why don’t you just stay with what you’re currently wearing? Works for
me. If you get messy, I can always give you something to change into or
run to your house and pick up something else.” They stood there for a
moment. Daria looked at the rod in her hand while Jane just looked at

“Um, You need some help with it?” asked Jane.

“No, I don’t need any help, thank you very much. I just need some…”
She paused for a moment. She continued in a low voice. “…privacy.”

Jane nodded and left the room. “Yell when you’re ready.” She closed the
door behind her and leaned up against the opposite wall looking at the
door. This is going to be interesting she thought as she passed a hand
across her chest.

Daria just stood there and took everything in. What had she gotten
herself into she thought as she stared at the huge for her dildo. She
knew both Quinn and her mom had them and that they were larger than
this one she currently held in her hand but the largest thing she had
had in the past inside of her was just a pair of her fingers. She
sighed and lied down on the bed, holding the dildo out on her chest
with her cuffed hands. That feeling between her thighs was back so she
knew that that would be a help. Her thoughts wandered back to all the
stories she had read and heard about over the years. She was not a
student of the erotic arts but being on the internet for so much time
as she normally was, she had come across a few of the more interesting

Daria knew the most important issue of getting something like that
inside of you down there was lubrication. The spot between her legs was
already wet. She was sure of that. She lay there wondering what to do
about the dildo though. Usually most of the stories she had read
contained a bit about the woman giving the man a blowjob. She looked at
the flesh colored dildo in her hands. It was shaped like a normal cock
she thought complete with a rounded head and ridges along the sides.
She began to get a bit warmer with the idea that this thing would be
soon within her. Without a second thought, she brought the tip of the
dildo to her mouth and kissed the tip. She pulled in back and noticed a
small amount of saliva coating the end of the fake cock now. She smiled
slightly at the sight. For some sick reason, it just looked right to
her. She brought it to her mouth again and spent a few seconds running
her tongue over the head. She pulled back again and noticed that the
entire head was now coated with saliva. Her smile grew now a bit as she
realized that this wasn’t so bad and brought about three inches of the
rod inside her mouth, ran her tongue over the rubber coated plastic and
withdrew it. She watched as a small dob of saliva collected on the head
and dropped to land on her tee shirt between her budding tits. She
wished that her hands were not cuffed as she really wanted to slide a
hand down underneath her skirt as she did this. She lifted her head up
and noticed that her left hand sat on top of her left breast while the
right one fed her the rod. A small bump had formed right on top of her
left breast. She smirked slightly as her left hand slowly cupped her
own tit and found her hard nipple as she brought the dildo back to her
mouth. She pulled a bit at her nipple and she brought nearly the entire
rod into her mouth. The end of it reached the back of her thought but,
for some reason, there was no gag reflex. She ran her tongue along the
length as she pulled the dildo back out of her mouth and slowly rolled
her nipple between her fingers. Another dob of saliva dropped off the
end but this time onto her chin. She thought she was ready.

She worked her hands and the dildo down her front. With her left hand,
she reached underneath her skirt and pulled aside her panties. Thank
goodness she didn’t wear hose normally as she slid a finger along her
slit. Her back arched as a feeling of electricity ran though her body.
Before she lost that feeling, her right hand moved down and placed the
dildo again her entrance. She moaned and arched her back again as the
head popped right in. She gave it a slight push and because of the
tremendous lubrication already found inside of her, it slide all the
way in without any problem. Daria’s right hand rested against her
entrance as she let the now sodden panties fall back into place. It
felt like it filled her completely as she held the invader inside of

“Jane, I’m ready,” Daria called out as her breathing picked up as she
lifted her hands and cuffed her breasts through her tee shirt.

Jane was still against the wall but her shirt was thrown one way and
her shorts were thrown the other way. She knew that they had the house
to themselves this weekend and there was no chance of them getting
caught. She didn’t cherish the idea of having to explain to her brother
Trent what was happening if he should come home early. The idea of her
best friend being in her room sliding a rock hard dildo inside of her
and willing to be tied up was just too good of a chance to pass up.
Normally she used her ropes, chains and toys but not all the time. Her
hands roamed over her now naked body as she leaned up against the wall,
her eyes closed and her breathing getting hard. Her hands paused to
pull, twist and rub her swollen nipples before continuing further down.
She ran her hands over her waist and inside her bellybutton. For some
reason, those areas on her were very erotic as she drew in a breath.
Her right hand continued southward and a pair of fingers slid easily
between her lips as her other hand returned to her breasts. She was
surprised with the amount of moisture inside of her with the amount of
play she had done earlier that day. She had wanted to wait but the pull
was just way too strong. She slid those two wonderful fingers in deeper
as she slowly slid along the wall and down to the floor, her knees bent
and spread wide. She drew in a hard, deep breath as they found that
special spot inside of her. She dug in deeper as the thumb and first
finger flattened and pulled at both her nipples, going back and forth
between them. Her mouth was open and her tongue sticking out as her
fingers went back and forth inside of her. She was practically panting
as she grew closer and…

“Jane, I’m ready,” Daria called out from inside of Jane’s room.

Damn, thought Jane as she pulled her fingers out and tried to relax.
She wanted to finish herself off but this was Daria’s time. She
controlled her breathing as she grabbed her shorts and tried to clean
herself off as best as she could. She threw the shorts away from her
and stood, wobbling a bit. Taking a deep breath, she opened her bedroom

Daria lay to top of Jane’s bed, one hand lightly resting on her pubic
area while the other hand lay across her breasts. Daria slowly came out
of her daydreaming look and focused on Jane as she came into the room.
“Um, Jane. You’re naked. Why are you naked?”

She shrugged. “I couldn’t control myself, Daria. The thought of you in
here impaling yourself on that cock was too much. Um, it is inside of
you, right?”

She had a slight smirk on her face as she rocked her body back and forth slowly. “All the way. Feels pretty good too.”

“You haven’t gotten off, have you?”

Daria’s face had a bit of a question on it. “No, should I have? Looks like you might of.”

“No. Oh, trust me. Once you get into position, I’m sure getting off won’t be a problem.”

“So, what’s next?”

“You’re sure you want to do this?”

Daria lay there and thought for a moment. They hardness that was inside
of her felt pretty good to her. The cuffs on her hands were in the way
for what she had done but she still liked the feeling she got from them
being on her wrists. She nodded. “I’m sure. What’s the plan?”

“Well, I thought we would add a few ropes to you and then…” she
paused to open the trunk sitting on the floor. “…try out the Tank’s
trunk if that’s fine with you.”

Daria poked her head up and looked inside of the trunk. It looked like
Jane had prepared it already as it had been cleaned out and a large,
thin, blue pillow had been placed in the bottom. She thought it was a
bit much to start with, but it didn’t look dangerous.

“OK, what do you want me to do?”

“Why don’t we start off with coming over here and sitting down in the trunk. That’ll be a good start.”

Daria stood up. Any time she moved, the hardness inside of her moved as
well. It felt good to her but wouldn’t really allow her to move as well
as she normally did. She walked careful to the large box and, with
Jane’s help, stepped inside. She slowly made it down onto the pillow.

“I wish you had cuffed your hands behind you now instead. It might have been a bit more interesting,” mentioned Jane.

“Are you sure you don’t know where it is?”

“Afraid not.” Daria stood in the trunk, her hands cuffed in front of
here, wearing just her tee shirt, above knee length skirt and her
socks. Jane reached into her special drawer and pulls out a number of
different lengths of rope. She ran some rope between her legs and made
ties at Daria’s ankles and above and below her knees. With a quick look
at Daria, who has her eyes closed and was into what was happening to
her, she reached under Daria’s skirt and made another tie around her
thighs. She made sure the ties were not too tight and ran a hand softly
along Daria’s smooth thigh.

“Daria, it would probably be easier if you laid down on your side.
Here, let me help you.” Jane got Daria on her side and onto the pillow
in the trunk. She took a small piece of rope and made a tie between the
chain of the handcuffs and the tie between Daria’s ankles. As she pulls
her hands away, she notices that Daria’s nipple are rock hard, enough
that they poke through the fabric of both her tee shirt and bra. Jane
pauses for a moment until finally reaching across and pinching one
nipple. Daria’s mouth goes wide as she enjoys the feeling. Jane pulls
her hand away and Daria turns her head and opens her eyes to look at

“We’ll talk about that later, Lane,” she says in a small voice with a bit of warning but a small smile on her lips.

Jane paused for a split second before making up her mind. “Well, if I’m
in trouble…” Jane bent down into the trunk. Daria’s eyes went wide as
Jane’s tongue made three loops around her hard nipple. She moaned
slightly as Jane pulled her head away, leaving behind a small amount of
saliva on the shirt.

“Would you like to try some light clips on your nipples?” asked Jane.

It took a second for Daria to focus. “Would they hurt?”

“Probably not. You’re still wearing a tee shirt and bra and they’re fairly light.”

Daria closed her eyes and rolled her head back. “Please,” she said in a small voice.

Jane smiles at Daria as she reaches into her drawer again and pulls out
a pair of clips. Before placing them, she takes a moment and plays
again with each of Daria’s nipples making sure that they’re good and
hard. Daria makes an actual moan as Jane places one on each nipple.

“How are you doing, Morgendorffer?”

It takes a second for Daria to answer. “Fine,” she says in a small
voice. “Feels great.” She starts making small movements back and forth
to work the dildo inside of her but with the limited space in the
trunk, it’s hard for her to get any momentum.

Jane looked down at her friend as she tried to get herself off. “Daria,
I’m going to close the lid now and keep you in here for thirty minutes,

“Lane, you’re going in here after I’m done.” She paused as she tried
once again to get enough momentum to reach the point. “And I already
know what I’m going to do to you.”

Jane made a smirk as she closed the lid. The trunk was so old, she
wasn’t worried about Daria not getting enough air. She pulled out a
real timer and set it for 30 minutes as she knelt on the floor beside
the trunk. She smirked again as she heard little moans out of Daria
from inside. She knew from experience that that getting off on that
small dildo was pretty hard to do, especially in so short of a time
period. She looked down and noticed that her nipples were still rock
hard as well.

“Well, I’ve got 30 minutes to kill now,” she thought as she pulled out
a dildo shaped vibrator out of her drawer. This one was a bit longer
then the one inside Daria. It was about nine inches long and wider as
well. It also had a knob at the end that could adjust the speed and the
roughness of the vibrations it gave off. She laid down face up on top
of the trunk, planting one foot at each corner of a short end and an
arm behind her head. “Mine as well be comfortable,” she thought as she
flicked the on switch and began to work the vibrator across her
breasts. “This will give Daria something to work for.”

Daria froze as she heard the buzzing of what she assumed was a vibrator
from above her over the trunk. She had been in the box for less then a
minute when the top settled a bit like a weight had been place on top
of it. She didn’t know what was going on but she really was past the
point of caring as the dildo was working its own magic on her. She
heard Jane make a long, low moan from above her.

“Jane, what are you doing up there?”

“I’ve got thirty minutes alone and I’m horny as Hell. You’re not the
only one Morgendorffer who’s going to enjoy themselves.” She got that
out right before she exploded in the first of what she hoped was many
climaxes. Daria smirked as she got down to getting herself off as well.

Trent’s key fit in the lock. Max turned it with one hand and pushed
with his body. He was trying not to drop the two speakers he had
balanced between him and the doorframe. The door opened and he dropped
the equipment right inside of the door.

“Watch the equipment, man. It cost me sixty bucks,” said Trent as he
passed Max and carried a pair of guitar cases into the house. He saw
Jane’s and Daria’s bags on the floor He yelled “Janey, we’re home.”

Jane froze on top of the trunk, the vibrator buried deep inside of her. “Damn,” she thought. “What are they doing home?”

“Sounds like we have company,” deadpanned Daria still locked inside of
the trunk. “Either that or you hired an audience.” She had lost track
of how long she had been in the trunk but she had to admit, it was a
different experience. She still hadn’t climaxed but she was getting
there. “Jane, get me out of this crazy thing.”

“There isn’t time. I’ll get rid of them.” Jane clicked off the
vibrator, drew it out of her, and hid it underneath the still damp
towel left over from her shower. Getting interrupted twice in one day
was not fun she thought as she looked around the room for her earlier
shirt and shorts. She remembered that she had left them in the hallway
and she dragged an old flowery dress from out underneath her bed. It
was old and a bit tight but it would have to do. She draped it over her
body just as Trent knocked on her door.

“Man, why does it always smell like fish when I come over to your house, Trent?”


Jane threw open the door. “There you are! You’re not supposed to be home until Monday. What are you doing here so early?”

“We got cancelled, man,” moaned Trent. “A bunch of high schools showed up and said they would play for half the fee.”

“Hey, is that my trunk?” asked Max.

A plan popped into Jane’s head. “Why, yes, it is. I need a favor. I
still need it for my project but we’re going to do it over at Daria’s.
Can you take me and her, I mean the trunk over there now?” The two guys
look at one another, shrug, go over and pick up the trunk. “I knew I
could get two big strong guys to help me,” overdid Jane as they roughly
banged the trunk down the stairs. The handcuff key lay forgotten
underneath Jane’s shorts in the hallway.

Daria could not believe what was happening to her. She was tied up and
locked in a trunk, being carried by two guys, one of them she had a
crush on, and all this under the view of her best friend. When she got
out of here, Jane was in for a world of hurt she promised herself as
the trunk hit another wall. The pillow helped but she still was getting
thrown around a bit.

The van pulled up and parked in the Morgendorffer’s driveway. Jane led
the way with their 2 backpacks as Trent and Max carried the heavy trunk
between them. Jane stopped and knocked on the door. She heard a lot of
movement behind the door for a few moments before Quinn Morgendorffer,
Daria’s younger sister called out.

“Who is it?”

“It’s Jane Lane. I need to drop something off for Daria. Can you let me
in?” She thought she heard conversation for a few moments but could not
make anything out.

“Daria’s not here right now. Can you come back later?”

Jane tried her hardest not to roll her eyes. “Not really. I’ve got two
big strong, handsome guys helping me.” Max and Trent looked at each
other in confusion. A great deal of movement was heard behind the door
now. Jane could have sworn she heard things like “Give me something to
wear” and “Hide that whip” but she wasn’t sure. The front door finally
opened and Jane saw Quinn now. She was wearing the dress Tiffany
normally wore but had it on backwards and inside out. She also wore one
of Stacy’s unbuckled shoes and, she thought with a small chuckle to
herself, one of Mrs. Morgendorffer’s house slippers.

“Daria’s not here right now. Why don’t you leave that thing here and go away?”

“Um, I don’t mind waiting for her. Why don’t we put it up in Daria’s
room and I can wait for her there?” She tried to see past Quinn but she
was blocking most of the view.

“I don’t think that such a good idea…” Trent and Max made it past
Jane and Quinn standing in the doorway. They roughly dropped the trunk
on the living room floor and left going back to the Tank. Jane could
have sworn that she had heard a small moan from inside of the trunk but
she wasn’t sure. Jane looked around the downstairs but no one was to be
found. The light in the kitchen was turned off. She turned back to face
Quinn now noticing the smudged makeup and nearly worn off lipstick. “I
think I’ve interrupted something,” smirked Jane to herself.

“You know maybe we ought to just take the trunk and come back later,
guys,” suggested Jane. Quinn looked over Jane’s shoulder into the

“I think leaving the trunk here will be fine,” suggested Quinn. “I think it maybe time for you to leave. Now”

Jane was torn. She knew something was going on here and really didn’t
want to be involved but she knew she couldn’t leave behind the only
true friend she had ever had. She looked at Quinn and was also
concerned with her condition as well. This was not the normal, perfect
in every way Quinn that she had to put up with every day.

“No, I think I’ll stay with the trunk,” said Jane as she walked over to the trunk and sat down on it.

“Are you sure?” asked Quinn in a very low voice while looking once
again over Jane and into the kitchen. Jane nodded. Quinn sighed and
shoved the door shut. “You asked for it,” she said in a sad little






All at once now. WTF?!? Yes, that’s Daria and Jane from MTV’s show,
Daria. I had been a fan of the show for quite some time. What started
all this was a raised question by another fan about if a Jane/ Upchuck
shipper had even been written that was posted on the Paperpusher’s
Message Board site. Since I’ve got a thoroughly demented mind, I went
ahead and wrote a small one. This earned me a response to write some
more “interesting” ones and that is what you see before you.

Any more coming? Beats me. I’m currently working on an epic crossover
of Daria sent in the Robin Hood story line. I’ve got a few more ideas
so I may be back.

My Daria fan site is at the Daria – Jane Conspiracy. Feel free to pay us a visit today.

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