Double-O Sixty-Nine – 1

daria.jpgFor a thread on PPMB about what characters from the Daria show would be like having to do interviews.

Admiral Sir Miles Messervy sat and stared at the young female
American who sat across his desk from him in his ninth floor office.
She stared back, eye for eye, never flinching. Damn, he thought while
taking a puff at his pipe, she’s so young. These American’s today think
they know everything and can do everything at an early age. It’s that
damn rock music.

His pipe had gone out. He banged it against the glass ashtray on his
desk, taking a quick glance at his Chief of Staff, William Tanner, who
sat in the other chair. Admiral Messervy knew that Tanner was also
still in a bit of shock at the appearance of the candidate. She had
come over from America highly recommended by their CIA. This youngster
had single handedly cracked the North Korean operation of putting their
agents into the American high school system as teachers and
administrators and dumbing down the average student. The operation had
been brilliant and had gone on for many years until this… youngster and
her friend had figured out the entire plan while sitting in their
classroom in Lawndale,…

He paused. What was the name of the state she was from again? He
looked down at the dossier. A smudge covered that part of it. He
sighed. Miss Moneypenny had taken a few months off to care for a sick
sister or something like that. The new girl that replaced her wasn’t
even close. He couldn’t even remember her name. Miss Isa-something. He
made a mental shrug. It didn’t matter. In a few weeks, she would be
back to the secretary pool. Let someone else deal with her.

He paused while lighting relighting his pipe. “You do realize that you’ll have to go through our training procedure.”

“Yes, sir. I understand.” She smoothed her skirt once again. Admiral
Messervy wondered how she normally dressed. The simple blouse and full
length skirt looked brand new. What were American’s wearing now a days?
Probably tube tops and micros. He hated the idea of all that skin being

“I mean all of it.”

“If you’re talking about the training in seduction techniques, I
have no qualms with it. I’ve had my experience with men. I can handle
them.” She paused and her eyes turned towards Tanner. “Nope. No problem
at all with men.” A small smile appeared on her face as Tanner sat
straighter in his chair. He adjusted his tie as his face went red from
the attention.

She turned back towards Admiral Messervy. “I’m also looking forward
to see what else I can learn from you folks. I’ve had some study in
fields like first aid and photography but the idea of leaning about
seduction from those who have spent their entire lives studying the
art, well…” She let her statement hang in the air.

Admiral Messervy snorted into his pipe. Her parents were
internationally known experts in their fields. Normally they would
reject agents for having a background like that but in her case, it was
a plus. She was expected to travel and been seen. She would just be one
more jetsetter in the crowded field.

Her background was excellent. No known drug or alcohol use. No
gambling issues. Only one close personal tie with that friend of hers
from high school but she was coming to work for them as well on the
outside. She had a thing for men but they had already tested her for
any weakness there. She knew how to keep it under control. They had
tested her for other weaknesses as well but she had passed everything
with flying colors. Her marksmanship wasn’t that bad either.

But she was so damn young! It kept coming back to that. The
American’s had strict laws governing the use of children in their
profession. They didn’t recruit anyone until they had gotten out of
college. The British was a little less strict. That’s why they had sent
the two of them to him.

He gave himself a mental shake to get over the point about her age. “You’re going to need a code number.”

“Wait. I want to choose my own. How about…” She paused for effect. “Double O Sixty-Nine?”

“Oh really now. Just because you’re an American doesn’t mean…”

Tanner cut him off. “Um, actually sir. It’s going to have to be a four digit code grouping. The list is full.”

No way was this little upstart going to play games with them. “What about Johnson’s old number? 002?”

“We don’t know if he’s dead, sir. He’s just missing.”

“Peggon? 003?”

“He’s in that Russian prison. Our sources say he’s tried to escape
three times already.” He paused. “Actually I think it’s a great idea
for a code number, sir. TAROT and SMERSH would never believe we would
assign such a number. It would work to her advantage.”

“Fine.” He puffed angrily at his pipe as he watched his new agent
smile for a moment at her victory. She turned back as her face turned
back to a more professional gaze. No gloating. That was excellent. He
frowned. Have to keep up appearances.

“Tanner will show you your office. Be back here Monday morning with
your friend to start training. There will be no horse playing or any
other American tom-foolery while you are in training or I’ll hear about

“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.”

“One finally thing. I need your full name for our files.”

“My name is Lane. Jane Lane.”

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