phpSuperMarketTycoon 0.02.04 Pre Alpha History

0.02.04 – Jan 18, 2006

– Worked on the Build a Store script.
– Verified GPL and that the headers for each script included GPL information.
– Added version information to the db. Do note that this is not visable from within the game.
– Added this history.txt file. Why not?
– Added the readme1st.txt file with basic information.
– Added the version.txt file so I could keep track of which version I have on my laptop.
– Added todo.txt simply to point people at
– Added the install.txt file with the install instructions.
– Modified the template in an attempt to move the main text field away from the gray backing of the menu column. Appears to have worked. Deleted the spacer.tpl file as it was on longer used.

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