The Day After…

I need to find me an online game to waste my days at. *sigh*

Just took a look at the stats for phpSuperMarketTycoon. It got downloaded a dozen times so far this morning. I do hope that the downloaders note that it’s a pre-Alpha release and not completely finished. I’m hoping to finish up later today on it. I have a few support tickets to deal with this morning.

Something strange though. When I type in phpSuperMarketTycoon into Google, I always get a bunch of Japanese websites that deal with linux. I never get the Home Page nor the Sourceforge page for it. Even though I’ve gone ahead and submitted those pages to Google a couple of times now. Heck, Google still doesn’t see this blog. Maybe with a few more links.

edit: Just checked Google yet again. Neither this blog nor the phpSuperMarketTycoon sites are listed still. *sigh* The good news though is the project jumped from a 52k-th listing all the way up to a 764th place listing. That’s neat. Guess I have a reason to work on the project now. Those 14 downloaders are now counting on me. 🙂

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