Woman Says McDonald’s Served Bloody Sundae

The Associated Press

GEORGETOWN, Del. — Was it blood or strawberry syrup?

Carmen Jara of Georgetown is suing a McDonald’s franchise, claiming her then-13-year-old son was served a hot fudge sundae contaminated with human blood. She said her son got sick and was afraid he’d contracted a deadly disease.

A judge has granted a request for a hearing delay by lawyers for the franchise operator, AJM Enterprise.

No date for a new hearing has been set. But Jara’s attorney expects the case to go to trial.

Jara claims an employee at the McDonald’s cut his finger and the blood dripped into her son’s treat they bought 13-months ago. She said a manager at the store confirmed that the substance in the sundae was blood.

The owner of the McDonald’s denies the charges. He said strawberry syrup probably just clogged the sundae machine.

So then, why did she take the sundae?

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