Daria Write Off – The Closet – Daria / American Idol Crossover


I’ve been challenged/ talked into a Write off against AngelBoy. It’s three rounds with three different topics.

Guess I get to put aside the Star Frontiers stuff for a few days.

Here’s the first one:

Post IICY? Writer can determine how long after the series. Mystic Spiral made the cut and have the chance for the big time. They are the next contestants on American Idol. If you are familiar with AI, you may choose any season you wish.

Here’s my entry. You can read the full thread over at PPMB

The Closet
By Dr. Mike

A well manicured hand reached through the slightly opened door, fumbled for a bit, and flipped the light switch on.

“Come on, my dear. It’s just a janitor’s closet but we don’t have much time.” Paula Abdul, dressed in a dark tan leather jumper, matching hat, and dark tights pulled the half asleep singer behind her.

“Whatever.” Trent lane leaded back against the wall and closed his eyes. “I need to get to practice. It’s at seven.”

Paula looked at her watch in confusion. “It’s nine.”

Trent pulled himself away from the wall. “Then I better get going.”

Paula shoved him back with a smile. “Sugar, you’re not going anywhere.” She melted against him and started to nibble on his neck. “Oh, you’re so much better than that Corey guy!”

The door knob wiggled and someone knocked on the wood. “Hey, what’s going on in there? Paula, I saw you duck in there with some guy. We’re suppose to be judging now.”

Paula leaned towards the door. “Randy Jackson, leave us alone. I’m just having some fun between sessions.” Paula went back to sucking on Trent’s neck. “Oh, I need you!”

“Randy, what’s going on?”

“Simon, it’s Paula. She’s got another one in there.”

“Again? How many times a week!” The door knob shook. “Paula, it’s Simon Cowell. You can’t keep banging the contestants.”

Paula leaned towards the door again. “Will you guys leave us alone? We’ll be done in a few minutes.” Paula leaned back and started again on Trent. “Oh, I’m forever your girl!”

“Oh, bloody hell. I’m calling! Ryan? Yeah, it’s Simon. We’re down here at the janitor’s closet again. Yeah, Paula’s jumped another one. Yeah, yeah. In the closet again. No, we can’t get in there. I told you that we needed to change the locks.”

Paula leaned over towards the door again. “Oh, you guys are just jealous!” She leaned back. “Come here, sweetie. So, do you like it straight up?” Trent’s now asleep. “Hey, wake up!”

“Officer, it’s not even my car.” Trent looks around the closet. “I thought I was at practice.”

Paula smirks. “Cutie, don’t worry about practice. I’m already there.”

“Oh boy. You’ve got to get some new lines, Paula,” chuckled Simon.

“Shut up, Simon!” yells Paula out of the side of her mouth.

“So, which one is it this time?” asks Randy.

“Probably the singer from that band, Helpful Bluemen,” offered Randy.

Trent yawned and scratched his side. “Mystik Spiral. But we’re thinking of changing the name.” Trent leaned back against the wall again and began to doze.

“Sounds like you’re having fun in there, Paula. Oh, hey Ryan. Come by to join the fun?”

“Is she still in there?” Someone pounds on the door. “Paula, this is Ryan. You’re not going to get Fox in trouble yet again.”

“Look, you three. I’m busy! Leave us alone.”

Trent let out a giant snore.

Ryan chuckled. “Oh yeah. Sounds like you’re having a load of fun, Paula.”

“Would you wake up!” Paula gave Trent a hard shake.

“But officer, I didn’t know she was eighteen.” He looks around again. “Oh, hi there. I remember you.”

Paula smiles. “Honey, after tonight, you’re never going to forget me again.”

“PAULA, YOU’VE GOT TO GET SOME NEW LINES!” Ryan, Simon, and Randy all yelled.

“Shut up, you guys!”

“Hey, have you guys seen Trent, our singer?” asked Jesse.

“Why are you three pointing to the closet?” asked Nick.

“We think he’s getting some coaching from Paula,” answered Simon. “She likes to give extra lessons on occasion.”

“Whoa! Way to go Trent, you criminal.” Max pounded on the door a couple of times.

“Maybe you should go back to the studio. I think you’re up next. We’ll let you know when he’s done and if there’s anything left after Paula’s done with him,” suggested Simon.

Trent took a better look at Paula. “Whoa, you look like my friend, Daria. She’s like the coolest high schooler I know.”

Paula’s smile drops as the three guys start hollering and laughing.

“Maybe all that plastic surgery’s finally paid off for you, Paula,” chuckled Simon.

Paula stepped back. “High schooler? Do I look like a high schooler to you?”

Trent took a closer look. “Kind of. Too bad you’re not a few years older, huh? I could take you out.”

Paula threw her hands up, threw open the door, shoved her way past the three chuckling guys, and stormed away. They followed her after a bit.

“Hmm, I wonder what that was all about.” Trent shrugged and followed the group.

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