How insane are you?

Take the test here.

It’s natural for an intelligent person to question his or her own sanity from time to time. In fact, some say such doubts are actually a sign of mental health.

But not us. We say, if you’re here at our website, you’re probably at least a little bit crazy.

The real question is: How insane are you? Are you simply pathologically anxious based on your frequent exposure to bizarre stressors? Are you mildly unhinged due to your active participation in the perverse and paranormal? Or are you a complete wack job who poses an immediate and grave risk to yourself and others?

We here at the HPLHS frequently question our own sanity, and not without reason. In consultation with top experts from Sefton Asylum, we have developed a self-administered assessment questionnaire: the HPLHS SaniTest ™. It can help you determine just how insane you are.

Be warned: the SaniTest ™ is not a diagnostic instrument. It cannot detect, for example, the subtle warning signs of Tillinghast’s Complaint, nor distinguish between apotembnophilia and repetitive self-harm syndrome. But it can accurately assess the severity of your general insanity. If you have any doubts at all about your own mental health — and if you’ve read this far you should — we urge you to take the test. If you have no doubts about your sanity, then you should seek professional help at once, because only a complete lunatic thinks he’s sane.

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