Fight for your Right…

Ffyrtp01.jpg“Do you like parties?…”

“Are you ready to go, Jake?” Helen yelled from the living room. She knew Jake was hiding.

“Just a minute. I can’t get my suitcase closed. Damnit, why do they have to make these handles so small on these bags!”

“Jake! Watch your temper.” Helen turned back to face Daria and Quinn sitting on the living room couch. “Now girls. We’ll only be gone for the weekend. Don’t get into any trouble while Mommy and Daddy are gone. And don’t make a mess.”

Daria and Quinn watched their parents drag their heavy suitcases out the door. A smirk appeared on Daria’s face as she turned back to her sister.

“Do you like parties?”

“Well, duh, Daria. You’ve known me for how long now? Of course I like parties. You need to get your head out of those books sometimes.”

“We could invite all of our friends and have soda and pie.”

“Daria, where did you get the idea that you had friends? I’m going to fill the house with my friends.” Quinn went diving for the phone.

Daria turned to the camera. “I hope no bad people show up.” A look of horror appeared on Quinn’s face.

We now see Kristen Bealer, The Angst Guy, and Isa screaming into the camera. TAG’s beating himself over the head with a stuffed penguin.


(See if anyone gets the reference…)

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