Daria Iron Chef – Write what you know

daria.jpgDaria took a sip of her soda. It had been an easy day for the most part as she glaced over her ticket screen. A couple of plug ins she had to install for some of her users, a small bug report, and someone asking for an extention on their bill. She wondered what was for dinner as she opened her next ticket.

“Something doesn’t work on my website. It’s real annoying. Fix it.”

Daria paused. Now that was different. No wonder the techs with the company she outsourced her level one tech support had forwarded it on to her. She looked to see who submitted the ticket. Daria didn’t recognize the return email address. That was a tad unusual but not unheard of. Might be someone travelling. ‘Oh well’ she thought as she began pasting in her response.

“Thank you for contacting Customer Support. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist you without more details concerning the problem you are having, for example, the URL of the website you are visiting. If you are able to, please submit the webpage you are having the issue with and we will get right back to you. Best regards, etc…”

She didn’t have to wait long for the response.

“That’s why I’m paying you money. Fix the problem I’m having.”

Daria banged her head against the table.

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