phpSuperMarketTycoon Alpha v0.03.03 Released

== Alpha v0.03.03 Released ==

”’March 2, 2006′” (Lets see what we’re cooking)

{Friendly Reminder}
* If you submit a bug report, please include the page you are having an
issue with and what you did to get there. It would help.

{Mailing Lists}
* I’ve gone ahead and started a pair of mailing lists through
SourceForge. Do note that you do not have to be a member of SourceForge
to sign up for them.

More Info:

phpsupermarket-announcements: For release announcements
phpsupermarket-general: Pretty much anything else.

* Created a ban IP mechanism. Need to do an interface though.
* Added an optional security image for the signup script. Make sure you
read the upgrade.txt file on how to update your db.php file to turn
this on.
* Added the forums. They sort of work…
* Made an adjustment in the player’s level so that I can create admins later on.
* Adding sorting to the communities list.
* Added company name and email address to the email admin gets when a new player signs up.
* Store Managers have been added to the game. You can hire them, train
them if needed (This takes 8 weeks to complete) and assign them to your
stores. You can even fire them if you want. They do have a fairly
decent effect on your store sales.
* You now get billed 5% of your square footage for electric fees per week.

* Corrected the link in the footer to the home page of the project. (Bug 1439620)
* Removed ‘1′, ‘0′, ‘l’, ‘o’, and ‘i’ from the security image script to avoid confusion.
* Reformatted display numbers to show commas for the thousands place. (Bug 1434685)
* Dealt with the issue of the menu column displaying twice during
errors during player signup. I think I got them all. (Bug 1434308)
* Fixed the store counts within communities within the *.sql install file. (Bug 1434684)
* Upgrade script will correct store counts for already installed games (Bug 1440495)
* Cashiers are now being paid. (Oops) Fixed in buildthatsucker.php as
well as the upgrade script. Can’t believe I missed that… (Bug 1440969)
* The forum was not doing line breaks correctly. I’m hoping that this is fixed. (Bug 1440997)
* Fixed the issue with company name not being shown in the webpage
after a new company has been created as well as within the email sent
to the game admin. Fixed AGAIN! (Bug 1441007)
* Adjusted the size of the email address within the players table. I
guess 25 characters isn’t enough. Sorry about that. (Bug 1441015)
* Fixed the issue in the viewcommunities page where it was presenting
you a link to build a store when there wasn’t one available. Fixed this
as well in the buildstore.php page. (Bug 1440517)
* For some reason, when you incorrectly created a store that was too
large or didn’t have enough money, the script would erase the data that
it was holding on the store so you always wound up in sector 1. Fixed I
think. (Bug 1440734) Still don’t know where that one came from as it
was something I made sure that worked before the release.
* Fixed a minor bug in the displaycompanies.php file that would list the stores in the incorrect order.

* Upgraded the SQL install file to include the badips, topics, and posts tables.
* Added the first name and last name tables to the file.
* Added the store managers table to the file.

* Started a method of upgrading. It might even work.

Get it from here and play it online here.

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