Mission to Hell – Chapter 2 – Kim Possible Fanfiction

My first Kim Possible fanfiction. Here’s Chapter 2. More to follow soon I hope.

Ron dies at the hands of Shego during a mission. Instead of going to Gehenna, he winds up in the Christianity hell. Kim Possible
has to go rescue him with the help of some of the others from the show.
(While I’ll be the first to admit it, I don’t follow comics but I am
aware of the story line concerning Dr. Doom and this is sort of based
on that) This one will get a mature rating right out of the box even
though it’s more for the subject material over anything else. I do have
a pair of cross over cameos planned for this. And stuff from the
Incarnations of Immortality series by Piers Anthony comes to mind as

Chapter 1 if you haven’t read it yet.

Chapter 2

Mission to Hell – Chapter 2
Dr. Mike Wendell

“The prisoners will sit in the chairs in front of the desk!”

Drakken turned back to the guard accompanying them and sneered. “The
prisoners will sit in the chairs in front of the desk,” he threw back
at the guard. “Tell me, sir. Did you go to guard school to learn how to
say that line? You do it so well.”

The guard leaned in towards Dr. Drakken. “Look, pal. You’re not… How
should I say it… Real popular around here right now.” He got nose to
nose with the blue skinned man. “Give me an excuse. Please give me one.
It would actually make my day. The thought of twisting you into a
pretzel and then slow cooking you in batch of hot boiling oil like a
potato chip actually appeals to me. So please give me an excuse.” He
cracked his knuckles in front of Drakken’s now pale face.

Drakken backed away. “Um, sure officer. Shego? Why don’t we do what the nice guard suggests and take a seat?”

“Whatever.” Shego dropped herself onto one of the chairs, a leg
stretched out over an arm, and began checking her nails. Drakken
quickly took his seat beside her, sitting with his hands in his lap
trying not to draw the attention of the guard. They only had to wait a
few moments before the door opened behind them, surprising them both
with the abruptness of the noise. They turned to watch the young, dark
haired woman they both knew well walk forcefully into the room. She was
dressed in a white button down shirt, dark blue jacket and dark pants,
the creases still stiff down the front and backs of the legs. A crisp
FBI photo badge hung from the jacket’s chest pocket. Her freshly
polished service revolver hung from her belt hidden by the jacket. She
dropped a thick folder, filled with different colored sheets, onto the
metal desk with a snap. She glared at her two assignments seated in
front of her.

“Agent Benlove, what a pleasant surprise. You’re looking lovely
today. Have you had your hair done recently? How’s dear old mom?”
Drakken smiled at the young agent. He smiled harder when Agent Benlove
glared back with a look of disgust on her face.

“Please. Drakken, you should know by now that trying to butter her
up doesn’t work.” Shego flexed her fingers. “You know how much she
loves those dark blue suits of hers. Prim. Proper.” She paused to look
at the young agent. “I bet even that hair bun of hers is regulation

The agent sat down behind the desk and removed her glasses from a pocket. “Mr. Lipsky…”

“Um, excuse me, Agent Benlove. That’s Doctor Drakken if you please.”

Agent Benlove stared at the blue man. “You got your doctorate from a local Seven Eleven. It’s for drinking a dozen slurpies!”

“But it is a doctorate never the less.”

Benlove scoffed. “Fine! Doctor Drakken. Whatever…” She opened the
folder in front of her with a snap and turned over the coversheet. “And
I thought I was going to have a good day chasing down wanted kidnappers
or other felons but here I am once again stuck with the two of you. It
hasn’t been too long since the last time you where in here. What was it
for again? The weather control device?”

Shego looked up. “Oh, I remember that one. That was a good one. No,
I think last time was for stealing that truth ray. You remember, don’t

Drakken knocked a finger against his chin. “Hmm… No, I think it was for the Killer Bebes. I’m sure it wasn’t…”

“Enough. I was being sarcastic. You know I joined the FBI to try to
make a difference. Four years of college and two years of advanced
training. Instead I’m stuck as your handler trying to make sense of…”

“Oh, please, Agent Benlove. Don’t go all Scully on us.”

Benlove glared at Shego for a moment before picking up the single
sheet of paper from the stack in front of her. She scanned it quickly.

“Murder one. Murder of a Global Justice agent. Two counts attempted
murder one. Conspiracy to commit murder. Assault and battery.” She
paused to look at the two of them. Drakken was sliding down in his
chair as she read each charge. Shego just sat there inspecting her
nails. “Looks like you two had some fun this time around.” She returned
to her reading. “Interfering with the actions of a Global Justice
agent. Interfering with the ongoing investigation of a Global Justice
agent. Multiple counts of terrorism and theft. Illegal use of electric
power. Failure to register a spayed animal. Failure to…” She paused and
silently reread the charges listed. “Failure to register a spayed

Drakken spoke up. “That must be for Fluffy. Honestly Agent Benlove.
I’ve been meaning to go down to the Middleton city hall and pay the
twelve bucks for the new license. I just haven’t had the time. Been
busy lately with all the take over the world schemes and all that. I
promise first thing in the morning, I’ll take care of it. First thing!”

“Told you that you should have taken care of it but do you ever listen to me? Nope. You would think that by now…”

Shego was interrupted with the metal click as Agent Benlove’s
lighter flipped open. They watched as Agent Benlove slowly and
painfully put the flame to the bottom corner of the paperwork. As the
paper burned, the agent slid an ashtray under the now engulfed paper.
She watched emotionlessly as the fire consumed the report. She sighed
as she stared at the remains filling the glass ashtray.

“I hate this part. Especially today. I actually had to buy that lighter and an ashtray to do that.”

“That’s nice. Can we go now?” Shego pointed at the door.

“I don’t know what you gave the government years ago or what deal
you worked out with them for it but…” She closed her eyes and sighed.
“…you two are free to go.”

“About time. You know, Doc. I still have to watch the end of CSI.”

Drakken and Shego held up their cuffed hands to the guard. With a
look of disgust, he removed the cuffs. The rubbed their wrists in an
attempt to quicken the return of blood to their hands.

Agent Benlove looked over her glasses at the pair. “The funeral is
at three this afternoon at the Middleton Temple. If it matters to you.”

“Um, yes. Thank you for the information, Agent Benlove. I do hope
that the next time we see each other, it’ll be under better
circumstances.” Drakken gave a little wave. “Give my best to your mom.”
He smiled and nodded at the guard as they made their way out of the
room. Agent Benlove, without looking up, flicked her head after them.
The guard left the room leaving the young agent to her thoughts.

Agent Benlove sighed as she continued to stare at the burnt ashes.
The thought of how the pile compared to the remains after cremation
went through her mind. Benlove sighed, opened a desk drawer, pushed
aside a collection of long overdue reports and removed the half full
bottle of vodka she had previously hidden there. She removed the top
and reached for a nearby empty glass. Her hand paused for a moment
before she pulled it back. She raised the glass bottle in front of her.

“I guess I picked the wrong day to give up drinking.”

She saluted the empty room in front of her before downing most of
the contents of the bottle. Benlove leaned back in her chair and slowly
rocked, lost in her thoughts.

Drakken stood outside of the Middleton FBI office and looked up at
the sun. “I know we were only in there for less than three hours but…”
He took a deep breath and let it out. “I love the smell of freedom in
the morning. If we hurry, we can catch the express bus back to the
lair. That way we don’t have to pay for a cab. I knew I should have
extended that deal to cover any henchmen. Come on, Shego. The quicker
we get out of Middleton, the better. Always hated this city.” We waved
her forward and started quickly walking down the sidewalk.

“Dr D., I think we… I mean…”

Drakken turned back towards Shego. She stood on the sidewalk, her hands clasped in front of her, her head bowed.

“Shego, we have work to do.” Shego didn’t move. “Shego? Don’t tell me…”

Dr. Drakken reached out a hand and lifted her head up. A single tear rolled down her face.


“I’ve never… I mean I’ve never…” Her voice broke as the tears began. “I mean I was aiming for Possible…”


“It hit him and he just fell… He was burnt to a crisp… I didn’t…”

Dr. Drakken wrapped his arms around her as she fell apart. They
ignored the people gawking at them as Drakken held Shego for a few
moments until the tears subsided.

“Thanks,” Shego sniffed.

“Well, this is a change from what I just witnessed in the good agent’s office.”

Shego shrugged. “Would things have gone as well if I was falling apart?”

Drakken looked at her closely. “You need to go to the funeral, don’t you?”

“They’re going to hate us there though.”

Drakken shrugged. “Probably. Wouldn’t be the first time.” He wrapped an arm around her and they walked off together.

“Now boys. I want the two of you to be on your best behavior today.
This is a very important and solemn day, especially for Kim. No playing
or trying to rewire the sound system at the temple. I mean it.”

Jim turned to Tim.

“Hikka-bikka-boo?” Jim said in a low voice.

Tim sighed. “Hoo-sha.” While they gave Ron a lot of trouble in the
past due to his connection with their sister, both of them considered
him to have been a friend.

Anne bent down to straighten Tim’s tie. “I wonder if Kim has decided to…”

A small voice spoke up. “I’m here, Mom.”

The family turned as one to see Kim standing in the kitchen doorway.
She wore the black dress that Dr. Director had brought her, a pair of
black flats, and a tight black belt around her waist. Her red hair had
been pulled back into a tight ponytail that fell down her back. She
carried a small black purse in her hands along with some wadded up

Anne smiled at her daughter. She could see where Kim had tried to
cover up the redness in her face with makeup. Anne knew that her
daughter was an emotional train wrack inside right now and what it had
taken her to prepare herself and come down those steps. “Kim, you look

Kim tried a smile. It hurt. “Thanks, Mom.”

“Kimberly, are you sure you want to go through with this? I have a feeling that you’re going to be asked to speak…”

“Yes, I’m sure. I even went ahead and prepared something. It’s not much but…”

Anne smiled again. “I’m sure that it’ll be enough.”

Kim looked around the kitchen. “Where’s Dad?”

“Ron’s family asked him to serve as part of the Shemira.”

“What’s that?” Jim asked.

“That’s the members of the community that guard over the body before
the funeral service.” Anne gave a quick glance towards Kim but she
seemed to be holding on. She made a silent wish that Kim would make it
through the service. “Kim, you ready to go?”

Kim took a big breath. Her stomach was turning cartwheels and the
idea of running back upstairs and hiding under her bed sounded pretty
good right about now but she knew that she would never forgive herself
if she didn’t go through with this. Ron was worth it. “Ready as I’ll
ever be.”

Rabbi Katz stood behind the lectern and looked out over the gathered
mourners sitting in the pews. Normally services for the deceased would
be held at a nearby funeral home but from the size of the crowd, this
was no ordinary young man that they were honoring today. His gaze
covered the crowd. He noticed the large number of serious looking men
and woman wearing suits and dark glasses. They must belong to some
government organization that Ronald and his friend had been connected
to. One young woman, sitting next to another wearing an eye patch, kept
blowing her nose and wiping away tears over and over again. Rabbi Katz
wondered how the young agent could have gotten her hair into such a
tight bun.

“I’ve have asked Miss. Kimberly Ann Possible to give the hesped or
eulogy for those not of the faith. She has gracefully accepted.” His
gaze turned to the young teenager sitting near the front with her
family. “Kimberly?”

Kimberly took a deep breath and stood. She could feel the hands of
her folks on her back, reminding her of their love and support, as she
slipped out of the pew and made her way to the lectern. Kim nodded her
thanks to the Rabbi and turned towards the gathered crowd. She unfolded
the notes she had spent all night working on the stand in front of her,
noticing once again the tear marks marking and blurring the pages. It
was a speech that would do her English teachers proud. It quoted
Shakespeare and General Patton among others. It was full of examples of
what made Ronald Stoppable the great person that he was. Kim had
remembered missions that only succeeded because of him. She hoped Ron
would be proud of what she had written. Kim reminded herself of the
first line and looked up.

For the first time in her life, Kimberly Ann Possible froze. She had
faced down hordes of henchmen trying to do her harm, masses of evil
geniuses trying to destroy everything dear to her, and armies of crazed
maniacs bent on total world destruction. Even that time she and Ron had
found themselves in front of a live nuclear missile with less than
thirty seconds until launch, she had not frozen in fear. She still had
the nightmares from the near missile launch, knew that she and Ron
could never tell anyone about it, and they both had very bad cases of
the shakes afterwards but she had never froze before during a mission.
Her training and her knowledge that she could do anything always pushed
aside the terror and the doubt.

Kim lowered her head. She could hear the mumbling in the crowd
wondering what was wrong. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see
her father debating if he should approach her. He leaned forward but
Anne stopped him with a hand and a shake of her head.

As always, Ron was there to help here. A distant memory from years
ago popped into her head. She smiled a tad as she remembered the
picture in her mind, drawing more mumblings from the crowd. Ron had her
back once again.

Kimberly looked up at the crowd while refolding the speech that she
had labored over. She slid the papers into her pocket while she began
speaking from the heart.

“‘You’re weird, but I like you.’ Those were the simple words I
uttered on the first day of pre-school. I said them to a blond haired,
goofy looking kid who I had just met that day in the school yard. I
said them to my best friend for the last fourteen years, Ronald Stopp…”

The doors to the temple crashed open. Kim looked up as Shego walked in and stopped, a cowered Drakken behind her.

Kim leapt to the attack, vaulting over the lectern and the
astonished guests, landing a few short feet awhile from her arch foe.
She crouched in an attack stance.

“Shego, this is so not the time! I can’t believe that you would…”

Kim paused as she looked at Shego. She stood there, not dressed in
her normal green and black jumpsuit but a simple black dress with a
green belt around her waist, much like the dress that Kim wore herself.
Shego simply stood there and waited. Kim noticed that she was holding a
pair of her green and black gloves in her hands instead of wearing

Kim looked closer. A single tear made its way down Shego’s cheek.
Shego’s own face looked as red as hers before she had spent a good
thirty minutes trying to cover it up. She remained still; simply
standing in front of her while Drakken tried his best to hide behind
her. Shego’s gaze remained locked on Kim’s own face. A few simple kicks
and her arch foe would be down.

Kim relaxed her pose and approached her.

“What are you doing here? You know that we’re here because of you.”

Shego’s gaze fell for just a moment until it relocked back onto
Kim’s. “I needed to be here. Call it closure or whatever but…” She
shrugged. “If you want me to leave, I’ll leave. There’s something I
need to do first. It’s important.”

“Nothing bad, is it?”

Shego smirked. “Oh, come on, Kimmie. When was the last time I did something bad?”

Kim made sure she looked straight at Shego’s face. “I can think of one time right off the top of my head.”

Shego rubbed the back of her neck as she looked away. Kim almost
fell apart due to this simple reminder of Ron. “Well, yeah. I guess
that wasn’t the best choice of words. Sorry about that.”

“I want your word that you will do whatever you have to do, not cause any trouble, and leave immediately afterwards.”

Shego sighed. “Fine. If it makes you feel better, you have my word.”

Kim nodded her head and backed off. Shego took a step into the temple.

“You bitch! It’s bad enough that this harlot is here! Now I have to have the murderer of my own son!”

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  1. Mission to Hell – Chapter 2 – Kim Possible Fanfiction

    My first Kim Possible fanfiction. Here’s Chapter 2. More to follow soon I hope. Ron dies at the hands of Shego during a mission. Instead of going to Gehenna, he winds up in the Christianity hell. Kim Possible has to…

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