We’ve got polls

If you haven’t seen, I’ve gone ahead and added in a poll plug in here. You can see the complete list of polls on the archive page. Hopefully it’ll work for you. It was kind of a pain to set up in this theme. The plug in is provided by GaMerZ so his site gets a shout out. Only one poll so far for what I should write next. The choices are:

    My Kim Possible series: Mission to Hell. So far we’ve got Chapters One and Two.
    My Daria – Star Frontiers crossover: Crash on Volturnus. You can read Chapter One here with four additional chapter written.
    Convert the Star Frontiers story line over to Kim Possible and run with that. The issue with that would be that Kim doesn’t normally use any weapons and it would not be canon.
    Keep going nuts with tke Kim Possible Captions

You’ll also note that I have also listed a list of the most read posts over to the left. The count is way off though. That FAQ I did for uploading pictures over at :wp.com: is showing almost 500 views so far on the backend. I guess I have some editing to do in the near future.

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