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Had a bit of a morning challenge from one of my clients on doing a bit of a hack on the WP-ExtremeVideo
plugin we use over in my hosting. He wanted to have a link provided
where you can download the YouTube Video as well as view it. A two
second Google search found a form based YouTube downloader that I stuck
up here.
Unfortunately, it had no method of passing on the URL of the video in
question to the form. You still had to copy and paste it.

That’s what I got to do this morning.

Unfortunetly since we can’t edit the viewer over at, I
needed to provide a fix for those folks. If you want to use this on
your own blogs, you have to manually provide a link. Here’s how:

Take the URL of the video. For example this one:

http: //

See that bit after the question mark? All you need to do is copy and paste everything from that on to the following URL:

http: //

Which would give you:

http: //

Try it.

Note a space has been added after the colon for those links so you
can see what is occurring. You do need to remove them to get them to
work of course.

One minor bug. It appears that you might have to hit enter to get it to pick up on the input.

I’ll work on adding this to the Video Player later this afternoon.
Now in there. You’ll note a link along the top right where the link yo
the video on You Tube is. I published the changed code here if you want to use it yourself.

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