Supporting your Favorite Blog – IndieKarma

A sort of cool idea, first read about it hereIndiaKarma.

Each time you visit a website or blog on the indieKarma network, your account is seamlessly debited just one cent. It’s the smallest of micro-payments, directly supporting the blog or website you’re enjoying.

Granted they get to keep 25% of the take which is a bit much, you don’t get any credit for signing up other people and it appears that they only pay out via PayPal but we’re going to give them a try. You note a “dock” along the bottom of the site so you can sign up right away. The first 5,000 clients get a free dollar and they’ve only signed up less than a grand so I got my dollar. 🙂
*shrug* We’re getting something like a thousand individual views a day here. Maybe it will kick me some bucks my way.
Thanks again for visiting,

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