Dr. Mike wants coffee…

Someone (They mentioned that they wanted to remain anonymous) recently sent me an email explaining how they enjoyed my blog, thanked me for all the help that I’ve offered people over the years online, and wondered if there was someway they could repay me. I mentioned that sometimes people send me Gift Cards that I use myself or use to help out some of the area homeless. (Last week, I got a $50 WalMart card that I used to help someone set up their kitchen.) I also have a wonderful person picking up my hosting tab for six months. 🙂

Anyway, our local StarBucks was handing out $5 giftcards uptown here in Charlotte a few days ago and I grabbed one. I was just noticing that it is reloadable. I was thinking that since it was orignally for five bucks, than reloads were also for five bucks but I now know they’re not. They start at $20.

But anyway, if you would like to contribute to my coffee fund, feel free. Twenty bucks would probably keep me in caffeine for at least a week if not more. I don’t go into the 4 and 5 bucks a cup drinks, just the large normal coffees.

If you would like to do something for me that doesn’t involve money, feel free to take a quick glance at my wishlist page at the suggestions there or vote on the poll in the sidebar.

Thanks though for visiting. 🙂

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