Four New Themes Today

OK, got the bugs that I’m aware of all fixed and did the daily backups and all that. Still had time to drop in some more themes for you folks. 🙂

    Sweet Blossoms: A thin 2 column red theme
    Sweet Blossoms WordPress Theme
    Chocolate Candy: A brownish 2 column theme with candy in the background
    Chocolate Candy WordPress Theme
    Black LetterHead: A three column, dark theme
    Black LetterHead WordPress Theme
    Fresh Bananas: A two column theme that has nothing to do with Bananas
    Fresh Bananas WordPress Theme

*chuckle* I wonder sometimes where theme designers get the names of their themes.

Anyways, the images lead to demos of the themes. if you have any suggestions to other themes that you would like to use or if you have any problems, feel free to post in the Support Forums. This makes a total of 33 themes installed now.

Thanks again for visiting,


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