Well today’s my birthday…

*SOMEBODY* let the cat out of the bag and posted
that it’s my birthday today. Wasn’t planning on announcing or saying
anything about it but it got announced over at WordPress.com and it’s
been picked up a couple of other places as well.

I had planned on dropping some of my favorite Kim Possible captions into the webcomic today but since the mirror over at WordPress.com is still broken and not kicking out posts on occasion, it’s kind of moot. It’s strange since the other mirror is working fine and they’re basically running the same software. *shrug* Go figure.

Buried in support tickets and to-do items today. With the holiday
this weekend, most of the libraries will be closed and I’m stuck with
the dial up at home since they won’t upgrade my apartment complex.

Friendly reminder about the wishlist
in case anyone wants to get me anything. I gotta admit though that I’m
in dire need of a Laptop though. I had to sell mine and my iPod back in
January when Angela came back to town and caused a number of issues,
including my not being able to pick up my disability check for that
month. January was not fun. I don’t need a new one. To be honest, I
still love the old DOS games from back in the 80’s like Master of Magic and Arena.
So if anyone has an old Pent 200 running Win98 or some such laying
around gathering dust, I’d love to have it. You know it would go to
good use with all that I do on line as well as locally and it would
help me when it’s a holiday.

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