Somedays I really hate helping folks

So an idiot comes into the Support forum asking for help on his WordPress blog hosted elsewhere. Naturally, I forward him onto the correct site at and don’t think much of it afterwards.
This is what he posts as a follow up:

You are f*cking ridiculous. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT F*CKING PLATFORM I AM RUNNING! I CAME TO THE F*CKING CSS CUSTOMIZATION FORUM TO GET SOME F*CKING CSS HELP, NOT F*CKING PLATFORM HELP, OR MULTIUSER HELP! But apparently you’re a moderator full of s**t, who has lost all sense of helping someone else out, so eat s**t and die.

I quickly delete the thread from over at and so the idiot goes over to and starts going after those folks as well. Lots of fun.
Now I’m dealing with crap like this. I’m also dealing with DDoS attacks against my site here with hundreds and hundreds of automated bigoted and insulting comments. I fired off a complaint to QWest since I have a Gigabit line with them and I noticed that he’s now coming in via a new connection so I gather he got the boot from there. He’s now coming in from an AT&T IP addresses but AT&T basicly gives their clients a few license to do whatever they want.
I’m tempted to stoop down to his level, especially since after I took a look at his webdesigns and their broken graphics and messed up layouts, but I have better things to do than that.
Am I worried about being sued? Of course not. I still have copies of everything he’s left me and I know any judge will throw it out immediately, even if it ever got to trial.
It just really bothers me that there are folks (bigots in this case) out there who can’t admit that made a mistake and feel the need to be jerks over the issue. Especially when they’re not reading what they’re copying and pasting. I wonder how many folks in his life have told him to “grow up and get a clue.” It appears it hasn’t sunk in yet.
*chuckle* I do get free links out of it though. 🙂