DrMike needs a laptop

OK, we’re going to try this.
One of the folks over at one of the support forums that I help out with recently made the suggestion that I take up a collection for the laptop that I need and pointed me at fundable. As some of you know, I live in the one apartment complex here in Charlotte that doesn’t have any digital services like DSL or cable so I wind up using the computers at local colleges. I have to rely on their schedules and of course I have to move if terminals are in short supply and students are waiting.
So, I’m taking up a collection. A quick look at the Dell website shows me I can get a half decent laptop for about $550. The rest would be for shipping, a case and Fundable’s fees.
If you make a pledge, nothing gets deducted unless and until we meet the goal.
Any questions? Please leave a comment here.

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