WordPress Widgets – Site Meter Counter

This one gets requested over on the WordPress Support Forums ever so often. There’s a wonderful service called Sitemeter that does free tracking of websites for you. The issue is though with WordPress.com, you can’t have user inputted Javascripts as they’re a security risk. (No matter what some folks say on the forums, they are.) So you were stuck with putting in the simple version which really just tracks the IP address of your visitor. Other things like browser types, OSes, etc couldn’t be tracked.

Well, I wrote a WordPress widget that allowed a user to just put in their username from over at Site Meter (ie s11user) and have WordPress drop that into the Javascript itself. No javascript input by the user but they get to have the benefits of it. 🙂

Hope this helps,

Download it from here. Drop it into your plugins subdirectory (If you’re on WPMU, have your Site Admin drop it into your mu-plugins subdirectory.) Should show up on your Dashboard -> Presentation -> Sidebar widgets page.

edit: Friendly reminder about my laptop collection and my wishlist.

Update: Well I learned my lesson in releasing something to the WP community. Last time I do that. I’ve gone ahead and deleted this widget. I’ve tried to help folks who were having issues and followed up with their questions but folks wanted me to play guessing games and didn’t want to give me any information so that I could help them. They just wasted my time and theirs. I also didn’t care for those bad mouthing me elsewhere while not even asking for assistance or even reading the instructions.