Been a long day. 🙁

I placed a link to eBay in the footer of this site. If you use the service, please use that link. I get a dime credit or so if you win something. It adds up in the long run and helps support this site as well as daria.be. 🙂

Have to renew the domains asap. Have two weeks left until they run out. 🙁

Finally got the check for the laptop. 🙂

…and the bank put a hold on it for 10 days. 🙁

So I’m waiting for it to clear. Lots of fun. 🙁

Got daria.be up and running again. Caught up on the upgrades as well. 🙂

…of course I knocked off the site for a day to do it. 🙁

Oh well. Maybe tomorrow will be better. 🙂


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