We’ve Moved


If you’ve not noticed yet, I’ve gone ahead and done some rearranging of the sites. Some of you are probably doing “What the hey?…” so we’ll cover things quickly.

The Kim Possible Remixed Webcomic is now at http://kimpossibleremixed.com. The old sites at daria.be, tdjc.be, and wordpress.com should now redirect to the new URL.

My main blog has now been given it’s new URL: http://drmikessteakdinner.com. The old sites at tdjc.be and wordpress.com should redirect as well.

The redirects for the categories are still messed up but I’ll worry about that later on.

The Kim Possible Screen Capture site will remain on the tdjc.be domain as will the others ones hosted there.

You may have also noticed new links within the sidebar. I’ve had a couple requests for a link to a Paypal account for donations and I’ve gone ahead and added in an affliate link as well. If you use eBay, feel free to visit that site via that link as we get some change if you win an auction over there. Just for reference, both were approved by wordpress.com staff. 🙂

Please let me know if something doesn’t work for you and thanks for visiting. 🙂

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