WordCamp 2007 gets announced

Get your tickets now. 🙂
Per Matt
WordCamp 2007 will be on 7/21 and 7/22 in San Francisco. No information on places or events yet though.
edit: I wish we had some details. I’m sitting here looking at hotels and planes and the like but we don’t even know what part of the city it’s going to be in.

7 thoughts on “WordCamp 2007 gets announced

  1. It would be nice to get some details about WordCamp such as where the “main event” will be held. This information would be key to locating oneself in a bed and breakfast, hotel or motel within walking distance or on a public transit route. It would also enable reserving a booking early, rather than at the last minute after the tourists have snapped up all affordable accommodation.

  2. Some of the best places I’ve ever stayed when traveling (best in terms of affordability, comfort and unexpected extras) have been bed and breakfasts. I’ve had such great luck with B&B’s that they are always my first choice now.
    The folks that ran them were really friendly, they were great cooks and I started every day with a full belly and a smile on my face. 😀
    They knew their own cities well and the places they recommended to me were all winners. Not only that but they gave me accurate directions so I could get to the conferences I was going to on time and by the least expensive means possible.
    Location, location, location is what it’s all about. Once “the conference spot” is known the rest is easy to put together online.
    In my case there’s a lot of putting together to do because I have to book a small float plane in advance in order to get to a main airport. The This usually involves an expensive cab ride or when I’m lucky a shuttlebus between the float “airport” dock and a main airport which inevitably is located miles out of the city limits. The flights never dovetail so there’s always a lay-over and that usually means I have to add on a day earlier and a day later to get to where I’m going and back again.

  3. Last year the event was held in the center of San Francisco. The days set was 21st & 22nd. Last year the 21st was more an informal meet and greet, but still good. One nice thing about SF is that there is a lot of transportation options.

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