5 thoughts on “So do pretty girls fart?

  1. [Post edited for content. I hate it when folks type in all capitals – drmike]
    Girls fart just like guys do. They’re not aliens from outer space now. They eat, drink, sleep, and do other things guys do so why wouldn’t they fart too?

  2. Thanks for the comment.
    You didn’t know my ex fiancee. We had a cat who farted rather loudly as well.
    I’m just surprised that the video is still up on the site.
    thanks again,

  3. Of course girls fart. We also burp. Most of us are just taught by our mothers that it’s not “ladylike” to do either loudly, so we are taught or figure out techniques to do so quietly. For example, with a burp, if you keep your mouth closed it will generally be silent, and then you can exhale the burp quietly (and say “excuse me.”)
    With flatulence it can be a little harder, but with practice you can get quieter — and, of course, always say “excuse me.”
    Boys never have the benefit (hah) of this teaching, so everyone thinks boys are coarse “by nature” and women are delicate “by nature.” Pure bullshit, I tell you.

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