School Prohibits Use Of MySpace

I’m sorry but this is just overdoing it.

A Bloomfield Hills school is enforcing a new policy that bans the use of a popular Web site.
St. Hugo of the Hills Catholic School students were told recently that under a new school policy, called Think First, Stay Safe, the use of will be prohibited at school and at home, reported WDIV-TV.
The policy states that students enrolled at the school can’t have a account or any similar type of personal site, according to a news release.

While I don’t think much of MySpace, I have a problem with schools and businesses regulating what occurs away from them.

2 thoughts on “School Prohibits Use Of MySpace

  1. Ok, I can understand the school not wanting students to access MySpace while at school, but is it really any of their buisness what the kids do at home?
    Where is the line drawn here. If they think they can control this are they going to try to control what the kids wear at home next?
    I think the parents should decide if they feel safe enough to let their kid have a MySpace page, and the school shouldn’t have a say in it. If they don’t want the kids doing it they should educate them on safety when using a site like that and give them the information they need to protect them as much as possible instead of just “banning” it. After all if you are told not to do something (especially from staff at a school), you want to do it more!

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