Taking a few days off

Just a quick heads up to let folks know that I’m planning on taking the rest of the week off. I’m currently working on trying to get as much done as I can and also move my personal sites around to a new server. That’s why daria.be is currently down. Please bare with me.
I’m taking some time off away from the computer to hopefully work for a day labor place that’s recently opened near where I live. I had a $182 repair bill on my laptop this month, I had to take that out of next month’s rent payment, and I have a feeling that I”m going to come up short. Living on a disability check is not fun and I’m still not making enough on hosting to pull out any money from that. (There’s some legal issues with that as well thanks to my ex.)
A quick note of thanks to David W. Boles and the folks over at OneInspiredDude.com for dropping some change into the donation box. It was a big help.
If you care to donate, please use the link to Paypal over there in the right on the sidebar. I would be very grateful.

One thought on “Taking a few days off

  1. We love you, drmike! Hang in there. Life is a pendulum swinging into and out of the bad — and the good and the key to living a fine life is knowing which direction the pendulum is moving. We are with you!

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