Let’s just insult them

Michael Shanks from Stargate shows how *NOT* to be thankful to the crew of Stargate. You would have thought after ten years, he would have remembered at least one name of one person there.
I wonder how many of those “crew” members got really PO’ed at him after seeing this. Bloodly hell…


4 thoughts on “Let’s just insult them

  1. I know someone who works on Stargate, and she says that Amanda Tapping is the nicest person you’ll ever meet, and it’s a very closeknit crew. On the off-chance: Maybe he was kidding?
    Also, ran into him at the grocery store once. He’s better-looking in person.

  2. I would agree that he is better looking in person and he was making a joke in the video. It’s also important to note that he isn’t half as insulting to the crew as series writer/producer Joseph Mallozzi is about the fans, and he wasn’t joking.

  3. It just seemed to be that he was put on the spot and got caught being stuck up to me. “Oh but I have the best crew but they’re just too beneath me to learn their names or get to know them.”

  4. I suppose there are several ways to take what he said, all dependent on whether or not you admire/like the actor. I think MS is a fantastic actor and having attended the Glasgow Shanks/Judge convention he’s also very funny and extremely down to earth.
    If you actually look at what’s being said he builds them up first so that when the (expected) question is asked it’s funnier because of what he did previously. It was a skit, it reads as a skit and if there’s anything wrong with it, if feels a bit manufactured and not quite off-the-cuff.

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