Small Home Towns aren’t that small anymore

I guess they’re getting the same crime we get in the big cities now.

Norway, Maine – Prominent businessman and civic leader, Ron Snow, was arrested Monday morning, accused of embezzling from the Norway Paris Community Television (NPCTV) station.

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One thought on “Small Home Towns aren’t that small anymore

  1. Actually, I just moved to Maine from the city.
    In the city, the crime is on the streets. Things are much better here.
    But in Maine, the crime tends to be in the yellow pages. The person who conned me was also a well respected civic leader.
    And Maine ranks very low in law enforcement…and there tend to be networks of “Good Ole Boys” who protect each other in their crimes… (As in my case)
    But the street crime is still better than the big cities. Just watch out for those white collars.
    It was a sad day in Mudville when they taught a good, wholesome redneck how to tie a necktie.

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