New Sponsor link over in the sidebar

Just a quick post to let folks know that there’s a new sponsor link over in the sidebar. It’s for They’re offering a free 11″ by 14″ poster of any digital image you upload to them. All you do is pay for the cost of shipping and handling and, if you order additional posters, they’ll even wave that fee if your total order is over a certain limit.
And, yes, I get a bit back for every poster made, even the free ones. šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “New Sponsor link over in the sidebar

  1. Sorry to ask for it here, but I don’t know any other place at the moment:
    I saw that you answered a forum post about the requst for the Neat! wordpress theme, and that you had a copy of it. Is there any posibillity to get one from you? Or could I maybe get the mail to the one asking for it? I would be truly grateful for this if you’d help šŸ™‚

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