Has anyone ever noticed that…


…we’re seeing less and less of Automattic staff in the WordPress.com forums?

Or Donncha or Matt on the WordPress Multiuser support forums?

It’s rather frustrating.

Usually when we see a staff member, it’s because I’ve emailed them to ask for assistance.

Must be nice to sit back and let the volunteers handle the issues
and folks complaining. Or the extra coding and hacks over on WPMu.

Gotta admit that I’m getting rather tired of all of it currently.

I’ve made the suggestion a couple of times over the last few months
that they at least publicly thank those who help out. Seen anything?

Ditto on hiring a weekend support member.

Trent disappeared fairly quickly from the wp.com support forums. Anyone else notice that?

I get more thanks from the 80 year old homeless guy I hand a cup of coffee to every Saturday morning.


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