Taste Testing Communion Waffers

I’ve been working on adding support for different video sites found on the net over at daria.be, my own WordPress Multi User install and had on the list to add in Godtube.com since it gets mentioned on occasion over in the WordPress.com support forums. (Got all those links now?)
So anyway, I’m poking around the GotTube website looking for a demo to use over on daria.be and found this where The Real Live Preacher compares the taste of a number of different communion wafers.
If you’re offended, listen to the bit at the end where he expalins what he got out of the test.
On the subject of communion wafers

2 thoughts on “Taste Testing Communion Waffers

  1. Spy magazine did this back in the day. Their taste-tester was Catholic, and had a guilt conniption over whether it was immoral to remove the body of Jesus when it was stuck to the roof of your mouth, or whether you just had to wait till He dissolved.
    The next month, she reviewed dog food. Apparently when the label says “Promotes firmer, smaller stools” it’s not lying.

  2. Whether eating soft bread or phony bread or paper it’s simply a performance of a ritual, the Catholic church is still refusing to share the sacrament with other christians.
    Meanwhile the bullshit about correct doctrine pertaining to partaking in communion bandied back and forth between the liberal, conservative and charismatic factions continues to drive believers out of fellowship.
    IMO the tasteless paper wafers do correctly represent the christian church in the world today.

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