Well so much for WordCamp 2007…

Just a quick mention that I won’t be going to WordCamp this year. My disablity insurance includes an allowance for one vacation a year that I have to file paperwork for ahead of time. Since WordCamp 2007 was going to be in late July, I had to get the papers in by the end of April. I had asked Automattic staff a couple of times for more details (ie like even where in San Fran it was going to be so I could figure out where I could stay and where I could fly into) but I’ve now missed the cutoff.

Oh well….

I’d ask for a tshirt but I didn’t get one of those last year either. 🙁

2 thoughts on “Well so much for WordCamp 2007…

  1. I threw in the towel some time ago now. When you don’t know where the wordpress camp will be held and you’re going to be on foot then you can’t make accommodation arrangements to be either within walking distance or close by on public transit routes. This is not to mention the hoops I would be required to jump to secure a seat on float planes and connect through Vancouver International. All of these thing just like your arrangements require lead time and that isn’t being facilitated.

  2. Charlotte Wordcamp

    Oh lookie.  There’s going to be a Charlotte WordCamp on Nov 15th here in Charlotte.  I wonder if I should go.I’m wondering why they aren’t publicizing it.  Kind of reminds me on how Automattic does theirs.I’m also wondering why…

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