Help Dr. Mike have a holiday


Yup, still here. Been having a lot of problems with lately and I’m still trying to get things worked out over there.

New month. Bought myself a monthly bus pass so I wouldn’t have to walk around in the 90 degree weather we normally have during the month. Had some other bills as well this month as well as some small assistance to a couple of local clients as well so I’m once again tapped out.

I’m taking up a small collection and I apoligize for the short notice. Since everything’s going to be closed this July 4th for the holiday, I’m going to try to take myself out for a couple of movies (Probably Shrek and the new Fantastic Four movies) and maybe some dinner. I’m hoping to come up with about $35 for Wednesday. If you would like to drop me a few bucks, I would be very grateful. I’ll have a Paypal link up shortly in the sidebar.


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