Avatar: the Last Airbender – The Boy in the Iceberg

avatar-the-last-airbender.jpgI’ve been watching/ listening to a number of different anime series over on stage6 while I try to do work. One of the shows I’ve been watching is Avatar: The Last Airbender. I really like this show so I decided to share with everybody. For a cartoon that was created for children, it’s rather advanced with detailed plots that last over multiple episodes. I’ll post more of them later on. I hope you enjoy them.

If you can’t see the episode, you’ll probably need the DivX player. You can grab it from here.

Description: Sokka and Katara, two teenage siblings living in the South Pole, discover Aang and his pet flying bison, Appa, trapped in an iceberg. After Katara accidentally frees him, Aang learns that he is the last surviving Airbender. Meanwhile, his unfreezing attracts the attention of the Fire Nation’s Zuko.

Edit: Since Stage6 is shutting down, we’ve had to remove this video. 🙁

Reedit: Should be working again.

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