New Webcomic – Nodwick




Another new webcomic added to the link list.  We have added in Norwick.  It’s Dungeons and Dragons based, having appeared for eons in the old Dragon Magazine that’s now currently changing formats.
New comics appear to hit once a week.  Not sure of the day and I’m
too tired to go digging around the website. (Plus the designer appears
to like opening link in new windows.  I hate it when sites are
designed like that.)

The comic is about a simple henchman who travels with three characters
but runs into all sorts of trouble, normally because of the actions of
the characters.

There’s a healthy backlist of comics so it’ll take you a while to read
through them all.  Not many that connect together in an arc so you
can poke around in there.  Give it a read today. 🙂

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