Play Travian

Been playing a new Online game I found: Travian.
I’m linking to the main site but if you look along the top right there,
there’s links for servers for a number of different coutries. I play on
the server myself.

You start off with a tiny
village with only a couple of folks in it.  You slowly (and I do
mean slowly) expand by resource collecting wood, grain, iron and
clay.  Grain seems to be the one that goes fast as you have to pay
that out every hour for upkeep for your population and your
troops.  Yo can also build a warehouse and grainary to store your
resources, a marketplace to trade among other players, an Embassy to
form alliances, a blacksmith to strengthen your trrops, etc.

Feel free to give it a try today.  It’s one of those games that
you check in a few times each day for a few minutes.  And I’ve
added it to the links page.

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