Bond’s Moneypenny, Lois Maxwell, dies


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Lois Maxwell, who starred as Miss Moneypenny in 14 James Bond
movies, has died, the British Broadcasting Corp. reported Sunday. She
was 80.

The Canadian-born actress starred alongside Sean Connery in the
first James Bond movie, “Dr. No,” in 1962 as the secretary to M, the
head of the secret service.

She died Saturday night at Fremantle Hospital near her home in Perth, Australia, the BBC cited a hospital official as saying.

Bond star Roger Moore said she was suffering from cancer.

“It’s rather a shock,” Moore, who had known her since they were
students at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in 1944, told BBC radio.

“She was always fun and she was wonderful to be with,” he said.

Born Lois Hooker in Ontario, Canada, in 1927, she began her acting
on radio before moving to Britain with the Entertainment Corps of the
Canadian army at the age of 15, the BBC said.

In the late 1940s, she moved to Hollywood and won a Golden Globe for her part in the Shirley Temple comedy “That Hagen Girl.”

After working in Italy, she returned to Britain in the mid-1950s.

In addition to her 14 appearances as Miss Moneypenny, she also acted
in Stanley Kubrick’s “Lolita” and worked on TV shows including “The
Saint,” “The Baron, Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased),” and “The
Persuaders!,” the BBC said.

She was 58 when she appeared in her final Bond film, 1985’s “A View
To A Kill.” She was replaced by 26-year-old Caroline Bliss for “The
Living Daylights.”

Her last film was a 2001 thriller called “The Fourth Angel,” alongside Jeremy Irons.

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  1. Tom Hanks as James Bond

    I found this video while looking for one for Lois Maxwell. I thought it was funny. From Dan Perrault and Matt Dahan of Double D Enterprises and Chocolate Cake City, makers of “Brokeback to the Future.” (see more at……

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