Download Dragon Magazine – Part #2

Continuing on with the list of Dragon Magazines that you can download as *.pdfs not legally though of course, here’s part two of that list. Please remember that none of these are mine. I’ve just found the links elsewhere on line.

[removed upon request – drmike]

13 thoughts on “Download Dragon Magazine – Part #2

  1. Download Dragon Magazine

    Gotta admit that I’m not big on warez but considering all of these are out of print, very few of them are available as *.pdf download, and this is really the only way to get them, here’s the first 240…

  2. Download Dungeon Magazine

    To go along with my two previous posts about Downloading Dragon Magazine and Downloading Dragon Magazine – Part #2, here’s a list of Dungeon Magazine to download.  These aren’t mine and I didn’t gather them.  I just found them. The…

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for the Dragon magazine links. They all seem to be good to go except for #358. It doesn’t seem to be alive any longer. Any chance of getting a link to it that still exists?

  4. Wow, thanks a pile for this. These are difficult to come by and I really wanted the “Best of” set.
    Super work.

  5. thanks man .. i’ll start downloading .. i only got up to 335 … so from 336-360 i’ll get it here .. thanks

  6. Hey man, thanks alot, great tools here for any DM and most players. The one thing that makes me sad, is that the 306 you have linked is incomplete, any idea on how one might get their hands on one that has the full “By Evil Bound” in it? The one you’ve linked to (and one on a different site I tried) are missing pages 42 and 43.

  7. Sorry but my copy is missing the pages. I did find it elsewhere on line and that copy is missing them as well.
    Wish I could help. Thanks though for the comment.

  8. REAL (MAJOR!!!) THANX FOR THIS XD altought sorry for my lousy grammar but really this post of yours is a must have, at least it is for me.
    hope u keep it up and runnin

  9. Maybe it’s just me and my inability to find what I seek, however I don’t see links to the *.pdf files and everything I click on re-directs me to other pages on your site. Am I a retarded monkey or is something changed so that the links aren’t there any more?

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