I hope that cup of joe was worth it

byuhelmet.jpgStolen from here:

According to the Salt Lake Tribune 6 [BYU] Freshman have been suspended from practice only after violating team rules. No details were made clear for the suspension, but since it is only practice it probably was for missing study hall or missing a weight session. However Freshman Ryan Kessman was one of the 6 and ask for and granted a release from his scholarship. His reasons were explained

[Kessman] was suspended for drinking a vanilla cappuccino, breaking curfew and missing a weight-lifting workout.

As a note Kessman is not Mormon but is of Jewish faith and he has left the school and is looking into UCLA as a potential school.

That’s right. The players got the boot for drinking some coffee.

I don’t know if I should be impressed for the school’s sticking to their beliefs or going “WTF?”

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