7 Days Free Usenet Access

Need to have quick, free access to usenet for a short time? Hitnews gives you a free 7 day trial that doesn’t require a credit card or anything else. Looks like you can publish with that account as well.

And if you need to search through the newsgroups? I use binsearch to find stuff and see what’s been uploaded.

edit: Here’s the english site, by the way.

2 thoughts on “7 Days Free Usenet Access

  1. YottaNews is supposed to offer a free gig per month although I’ve never tried them.. Not sure if that’ll help you out or not. Most of the places I see either offer a free trial for a few days and/or require a credit card.
    edit: Of course if you had left your actual email address like I ask for, I would have been able to email you the link. Hopefully you’ll see this if you stop by again.

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