Google is my new best friend

21 minutes for google to index

21 minutes for google to index

Check out the screen capture to the left.  21 minutes after making my post/plug about Brandon’s Smile Ministry, it’s shown up in Google’s database.

That’s 21 minutes, folks.

Not 21 weeks.  Not 10 weeks.  Twenty.  One.  Minutes.

Heck, if you search for the ministry, I’m already listed there as well, right under the website.

No SEO tricks.

No paid links.

No sitemap. (I’ll generate that later on today.)

None of that.

21 minutes and I’m already in the main database.

*chuckle*  Google is my new best friend.

One thought on “Google is my new best friend

  1. Hello, I’m sorry but this is a bit off-topic from your post. I’ve been searching the internet for the Daria fanfics you’ve written. I’ve read ‘One night in Bangkok’, ‘In the trunk’ and the ones archived here on your blog. Would it be possible for you to send me (via my e-mail) the rest of the fics you’ve written? Pretty please? I’m a little late in joining the fandom, and I missed your website, the Daria-Jane Conspiracy, and using, I managed to find some cached pages of your old website, and seen your stories, and I would really like to read them. (The stories weren’t archived.)
    Thanks for your time,

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