I wonder if Matt is still holding it

XGEP8966.jpgA long while ago, King Matt the First blogged about his experiences with Amazon Grocery and his attempt to get some toilet paper out of them.  I’m still scratching my head over how can one *NOT* have room for a four pack of toilet paper (um, one roil on the dispenser and the other three under the sink?  That should work.  Does in my bathroom.) but I had to chuckle when a Google Adsense advert came over the blog here for toiletpaperworld.com.

I did have a second look though over their shipping policies.  They don’t appear to list many full case packs for sell on the site.  I did find this one though.  Kind of strange that their  case price is $71.84 while they offer free shipping for anything over $75.  Makes you have to order 2 cases for the best price.  Hmm, I wonder where we could put all those rolls…

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