Matt apoligizes for a volunteer but Automattic employees are free to insult

drmike-128.jpgAnyone else think it’s strange that Matt takes the time to apoligize for a response from options but yet rudeness from an employee directed towards another volunteer goes unanswered?


edit: By the way, I noticed that root has been marked as inactive as well.  I haven’t seen anyone else mention that.


Oh, and Mark?  Maybe the reason why we’re having to create new usernames and email addresses is because you folks are locking us out of the forums.  You may have noted the “Inactive” notation besides our usernames?  Gotta admit that I scratch my head though when the folks who have answered most if not all of the questions raised in the support forums keep telling you that you, Matt and the rest are wrong and have been rather rude and insulting.  It’s a pity you folks can’t see what is occuring and you would rather call it a “hate campaign” instead of being open minded and respond to complaints.

And again Mark, if you want that list, I’d be happy to provide it to you.

One thought on “Matt apoligizes for a volunteer but Automattic employees are free to insult

  1. Sorry to hear about all the WordPress mess. Normally, I wouldn’t even comment about something like this, generally avoiding politics, but I’ve been a WP user and plugin contributor for almost two years; almost every time I had to go to the WP forums to solve some problem, I found a comment left by you that helped push me in the right direction. I appreciate the help you gave the community. Thanks.

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