Someone asked for a picture…

CIMG0008Gotta admit that I hate doing pictures but I had someone send me this one from when I was on the first train out of the station when the LYNX light rail system started on Nov. 24th.  Even beat all the higher ups who were supposed to be on the first train. (Not sure why.  We started at the 7th Street Station while they started at the Transit Center.)

Got lucky as well.  Had just finished helping Calvary Church serving breakfast to the homeless that morning.  I was walking over to CPCC to use the library and the train was just sitting there.

Got a t-shirt out of it at least.

2 thoughts on “Someone asked for a picture…

  1. Ya know mike, you look nothing like I expected you to.
    I had always imagined you to be a short fat bloke with a bushy beard. I think it’s the Dr bit that did it.
    Anyhow, nice to see you got the blog running again. 🙂

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