So long, HopOne

A can of Spam

A can of Spam

For the longest time, I’ve been getting comment spam from the IP address, an IP address belonging to HopOne, a hosting company based out of Virginia.  It’s always been the same address, they show up every couple days, spam a bunch of posts with their unwanted comments, and then I won’t hear from them for a bit.  We have other IP addresses from these folks on record for comment spamming as well.  I’ve complained a couple of times but wasn’t able a ble to a few days ago when they did their run.  HopOne’s complaint form locked me out saying that I had already complained about the IP address is question.

Please kindly think about that.  They don’t want to take a complaint because I’ve already complained about that specific IP address.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to actually deal with the complaint and look into the matter?  Guess not…

Well if they don’t want to take a complaint from me, I guess I don’t have to take traffic from them.  I strongly encourage folks to place the following deny blocks in their site’s .htaccess file so to block abuse from those folks.  Maybe they’ll take the hint someday.

deny from 66.36.224.
deny from 66.36.225.
deny from 66.36.226.
deny from 66.36.227.
deny from 66.36.228.
deny from 66.36.229.
deny from 66.36.230.
deny from 66.36.231.
deny from 66.36.232.
deny from 66.36.233.
deny from 66.36.234.
deny from 66.36.235.
deny from 66.36.236.
deny from 66.36.237.
deny from 66.36.238.
deny from 66.36.239.
deny from 66.36.240.
deny from 66.36.241.
deny from 66.36.242.
deny from 66.36.243.
deny from 66.36.244.
deny from 66.36.245.
deny from 66.36.246.
deny from 66.36.247.
deny from 66.36.248.
deny from 66.36.249.
deny from 66.36.250.
deny from 66.36.251.
deny from 66.36.252.
deny from 66.36.253.
deny from 66.36.254.
deny from 66.36.255.

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