Free Breakfast at Newell Presbyterian Church

pancakebreakfast.gifJust a quick note that Newell Presbyterian Church located here in Charlotte (I’d say it’s in Newell but that’s what they list as their mailing address) is having free breakfasts every Sunday morning from Feb 10th until March 23rd for the community starting at 9:15am.  I should be there tomorrow eating if anyone is in the area.

As an aside, I’m going to have to switch domains again for this site. is not allowing me to renewal the domain and refuse to discuss the problem with me.

One thought on “Free Breakfast at Newell Presbyterian Church

  1. Photos from Newell Presbyterian Church

    I met a very nice young lady by the name of Rachel at the free breakfast over at Newell Presbyterian Church this past Sunday and she took some pictures for me. (Actually I think her mom took most of…

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