Does anyone every think of identity theft?


On my walk in this morning to UNCC, I found a recent letter from the IRS on the side of the road.  While the letter contained the name and current address of the person, (Of course it would.  It is a letter after all.  How else would it get to the person?) the person’s social security number and phone number were also included in the letter.

Besides wondering why the IRS would send out such a letter containing such information in light of all of the problems with identity theft in today’s world, one has to wonder why and how the letter wound up on the side of the road.  If I was some person with evil intent, I could be going nuts with this information.  Can you say “Wide screen television”?  I knew you could.

Santos Ernesto Alvarado of Charlotte, NC?  You got very lucky today.  I shredded the letter that you lost.

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