Free Trac Hosting

assembla-logo.gifOK, the domain renewal issue got fixed for this domain and it’s been renewed so I guess you’re all stuck with me for another year.  Gotta admit though that I’m still annoyed that it took four support tickets, a number of comments on a number of blogs, and general fussing to get it resolved and I’ve still never received anything besides a general “It should work” bit at least it’s been resolved now.  My complaint about Automattic employee conduct from back in June is still not resolved and I doubt it will ever been answered but at least I still have this domain.

Anyway, I wanted to make a quick plug for  They offer free trac hosting along with a system for such extra features like tickets, wikis, etc for programming projects.  I use it a lot for our own projects and as well as keeping base installs for open source projects as well as the pre installed upgrades and plugins for our clients.  Makes life a lot easier and we don’t have to host trac ourselves.

edit: One extra feature that you get for free is that you can mark any project as private.  That’s why I’m not giving folks any links to our own tracs as most of them have non-GPL’ed code that we’re not allowed to give out.

reedit: I can no longer recommend Assembla as a trac host, either as a free or paid host.  I’ve found their employees to be very rude and their service lacking.  I’m currently looking at other hosts such as Codespaces and plan on updating this post once I have.